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women in office joining hands
Back to work with confidence

by She is Mom

Step back into the working world with confidence and achieve your career goals! Regaining your professional confidence is key to a successful transition. Learn how to revalue your skills, enhance your CV, and excel in interviews.

woman thinking with a hand on her chin and asking herself: job, business, freelencer
Returning to Work Successfully

by She is Mom

Get ready to rediscover your passions, explore new directions, and make a meaningful difference! Our initiative is meticulously designed to equip you with pragmatic resources, expert guidance, and promising opportunities.


three women sitting on white chairs around the table
Basics for Entrepreneurship

by She is Mom

Access a variety of essential services to establish your business. Receive expert guidance and practical resources tailored to navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. Moreover, become part of a supportive community of like-minded women, where you can share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate successes together.

lightbulb in the middle wth business plan strategy around
What it takes to be an entrepreneur

by She is Mom

Our program aims to unlock those natural traits in female founders, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support system needed to identify opportunities, build a solid business foundation, develop essential skills, and successfully scale their ventures.

people around a table, one writing in a notebook, another pointing at some data on a notepad with papers on the table
Challenges of an entrepreneur

by She is Mom

It is crucial to anticipate potential complications, remain flexible, and have systems in place to handle problems as they arise. Strategic planning, financial safeguards, hiring assistance, outsourcing, and automating tasks can help entrepreneurs navigate uncharted waters.

individual sitting in front of a laptop and writing something on the keyboard
Growth partnership

by Loredana Iacob and Nicoleta Neacsu

We designed this program as a community without judgments, labels, criticism, and censorship. You will learn together with others how to set and pursue your goals. The group comes with one thing in common: the desire to develop personally, reach their potential goals, overcome barriers and limit thresholds.


woman standing in fornt of a table where three other people are gathered talking
Empowered women: discover how to bring out the leader in you

by She is Mom

Our women’s leadership program’s main objective is to prepare current and future leaders, discover how to lead, understand their capabilities, and become influential leaders. Through this leadership journey, you will meet other women leaders, explore your own leadership context and find the best path for you.


teenager sitting on the coach, listening to music and playing on the laptop
Teenagers Parents' Club

by Sanda Docan

When you are a teenager's parent, you feel like saying, "It wasn't like that in my day. Based on this idea, we want every parent to know how to react to the crises of adolescence, understand their child, and build a healthy family relationship.

teenager looking at the phone and holding a cigarette in hand
Intergenerational communication

by Liana Stanusi

Whether we call it an effort to mediate or prevent conflicts, or whether we look at it from the perspective of addressing intergenerational differences, this program aims to help the parent in the process of better understanding the needs of the adolescent who is growing up in midst of the digital revolution.


woman looking at an ultrasound image
Me before baby

by She is Mom

She is Mom designed this program for women who want to become moms. This program offers future parents a unique opportunity to gather valuable parenting information, learn in an inclusive environment, and join a community of moms.

pregnant woman holding her belly
Me pregnant

by She is Mom

During this program, you will learn how to enjoy the pregnancy, and prepare your body and mind. We will talk about the changes taking place in the workplace, and what are your rights and obligations.


mother kissing her baby
Me during maternity leave

by She is Mom

During this program, you will learn how to enjoy the pregnancy, and prepare your body and mind. We will talk about the changes taking place in the workplace, and what are your rights and obligations.

a woman and a little girl sitting a table and painting
The Habit Game - Empowering motherhood through habits

by She is Mom

The Habit Game is a transformative journey that empowers individuals to make significant life changes through small, manageable steps. Whether you're seeking more "me time," weight loss, improved focus, heightened efficiency, or increased motivation, this game can make it happen.


woman talking with another woman, both sitting
Personal Transformation Group

by Alina Neagu

It is a group in which people join intending to lead their minds in a different process of accumulating new information, changing perspectives, and personal transformation to reach their maximum potential. It is a place of support, growth, and evolution, where personal stories will help you find your awareness and inspiration.


banner for the course with pictures of the four trainers and the title of the course
Recruitment Course

by Talent Center

The course aims to help you acquire the necessary know-how regarding recruitment activity. The approach will be a practical one designed to give you a clearer perspective of what the values of a recruiter role mean.

woman with a laptop in her hand and fixing her glasses with the other
Start your IT career now!

by Alexandra-Georgina Turtulea

The program is designed to provide an introductory overview of the career paths available within IT, assess the participant's current skills and knowledge related to IT, and provide guidance and resources for developing a plan to pursue a career in IT.

AI / Digital Career

EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative logo, She is Mom logo
Bridging Communication

by She is Mom

Bridging Communication: Connecting Technical and Non-Technical Worlds in Organisations is a course dedicated to fostering effective communication between technical and non-technical teams in organisations. The program covers foundational concepts, identification of communication issues, and practical techniques for seamless interaction.

EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative logo, She is Mom logo
Digital Product Creation

by She is Mom

The Digital Product Creation course offers a transformative learning experience for both technical and non-technical audiences. The four-module structure covers product conceptualization, software basics, payment solutions, and social media branding.

EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative logo, She is Mom logo
Overcoming Fear

by She is Mom

Overcoming Fear: Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the Non-Technical Workplace course guides participants through AI fundamentals, dispels fears, and fosters practical skills. It covers the psychology of AI anxiety, explores workplace applications, and emphasizes essential skills for collaboration.

EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative logo, She is Mom logo
Resilience and Adaptability

by She is Mom

This course aims to equip learners with essential resilience and adaptability skills deeply rooted in cutting-edge deep tech fields, fostering their ability to navigate technological advancements and challenges in an ever-evolving world.


three people in a conference room looking at a laptop
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program

by She is Mom

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important for a workplace environment and essential in creating learning programs for everybody. A DEI program can improve equality in a workplace, overcome prejudices, respect differences, offer a voice to the underrepresented, and lead to business growth for the company.


a drop of dew reflecting the grass and the sky and the trees
Performant moms – A program for reintegration after maternity leave

by Magda Dorobantu & Nicoleta Neghina

Most of the time, moms returning to the professional environment have a lot of self-doubts – sometimes related to the fact that they ‘abandon’ their child, other times coming from their lack of self-confidence and their ability to readjust to the professional environment.

parents embracing their two kids and playing
ParentPro - Empowering Parents

by She is Mom

The ParentPro program equips the parents with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their professional roles while ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Whether they need guidance on managing their time effectively, accessing family-friendly benefits, or connecting with a supportive community of fellow parents, She is Mom has them covered.


irina and silvia sitting on chairs on stage
Seeing is not always believing

by Irina Crocker

We are Irina and Silvia, 40-year-young twins from Bucharest. By some standards, we qualify as visually impaired; as twins, we come as a whole. We are the people who turn lemons into something unexpected, an in-between course like sorbet – allowing you to savor what lays ahead. We come before you not as teachers, simply laying a new perspective on the unseen ahead.

a group of people walking in the office
The Habit Game - Cultivating success through habits

by She is Mom

The Habit Game is the key to transforming your corporate environment. This engaging program combines behavioral psychology and gamification to empower employees and teams to cultivate healthy habits, enhancing productivity, well-being, and work-life balance.


woman sitting at a table working on a laptop
Retention Program

by She is Mom

The retention program is built to protect the best assets of a company, the people. We designed this program to bring face2face employers and employees and find the best solutions in a constantly changing labor market. Employee involvement and retention mean understanding the workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity, and goals.

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