Teenagers Parents' Club

About the program

When you are a teenager's parent, you feel like saying, "It wasn't like that in my day. Yeah, I used to do crazy things, but not like these.

It will never be the same, but most importantly, every child is unique, and there are no recipes.

Based on this idea, we want every parent to know how to react to the crises of adolescence, understand their child, and build a healthy family relationship.


Adolescence is the most challenging period in parents' lives, with ups and downs, like a sinusoid from which we can't wait to get out and rest, satisfied with the final result.

It is a road that we travel with the teenager. We go through all possible states (fear, sadness, despair, despair, disappointment, anger, helplessness).

We pray that at the end of the road it will be sunny, it will be a success for both us as parents as well as for the young person who opposed us with a lot of virulence in trying to discover his personality, form his identity and in the end, to find his place and path in society, in his own life.

Group sessions in which we will discuss a specific topic.

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  • Hormonal storm implications and reactions on a physical, mental, and emotional level
  • How to understand and accept our teenagers
  • Constructive/destructive attitudes of parents
  • Teenagers' fears
  • The need to form one's identity, to become a unique individual separated from one's parents
  • Self-blame
  • The challenges that teenagers face: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex
  • How to create parent-adolescent bridges

These are some of the topics we will cover during the meetings. Also, the themes can be adapted to the challenges parents face.

At the end of each meeting, we will have a question and answer session.

Thus, we want to come to the aid of each parent and the need to discover the most appropriate way to relate effectively and clearly with the adolescent.


  • Parents can find quick answers to questions that concern them.
  • Parents benefit from a safety framework where criticism and judgment are excluded, where they can freely express the problems they face.
  • Parents are often reluctant to seek the help of a psychologist to discuss their relationship with their children.
  • The fact that there are other parents with similar problems creates for parents the comfort of being part of a community where they feel supported and understood.
  • Parents have the option to choose whether to remain anonymous or disclose their identity.
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Practical information


The sessions will take place every two weeks.


The sessions will take place online on Zoom / Google Meet, and the session’s length is 90 minutes.


The minimum number of participants is 7 people. You can attend one or more sessions.


The sessions will be held in Romanian.


The price / session is 100 lei / per participant.

*for the members of the community, the price will be 90 lei/session + 10% discount for a package of 4 sessions


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