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Discover a new way to prepare for maternity!

This program is designed to support pregnant women, offering a pathway to a healthy and happy pregnancy. It provides expectant mothers with a comprehensive set of resources to support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being throughout the journey of pregnancy and childbirth.  

Education on labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery empowers women with knowledge of what to expect and how to prepare mentally and physically. Support groups facilitate bonding and allow pregnant women to share their experiences, challenges, and advice in a judgment-free setting. 

Additionally, this program addresses the needs of companies looking to build an employee wellness program to assist pregnant workers. The program helps HR managers and wellness coordinators implement policies and benefits that support expectant mothers. 

By addressing the comprehensive needs of pregnant employees from the onset of pregnancy through to their return to work, the program significantly contributes to cultivating an inclusive and supportive workplace culture.

an expectant mother rubbing her pregnant belly

Modules: 8 sessions

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Online and/or face2face

Participants: Individual / Couple sessions / Group sessions

Language: Romanian, English

Price: 990 euro / Individual or couple sessions, 590 euro / Group sessions

Intended participants

For first-time moms and experienced mothers, the program recognizes that each pregnancy journey is unique, catering to women at all stages of pregnancy.

For pregnant employees, the program offers specialized support, providing resources and strategies to help pregnant employees maintain their well-being and productivity in the workplace.

For HR managers and wellness coordinators, who play a crucial role in implementing workplace wellness programs that support pregnant employees.

For healthcare providers, such as obstetricians, midwives, and nurses who are instrumental in guiding pregnant women through their pregnancy journey.

For support partners and family members, who play a crucial role in the support system for pregnant women.

Program outcome

Specialized coaching aimed at preparing women for natural childbirth.

Nutritional planning, with diet plans that are carefully designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of pregnant women and their developing babies.

Education for health and reducing anxiety including managing stress through mindfulness and understanding the physical changes during pregnancy.

Enhanced workplace morale and job satisfaction, maintaining a positive work environment and affirming the company's support for family life.

Increased retention rate by supporting pregnant employees.

Commitment to social responsibility and gender equality.

Program outline

Our program offers a journey aimed at embracing the joy of pregnancy. Through expert guidance and support, expectant mothers will discover how to navigate the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. Also, the program explores the unique challenges faced in the workplace during pregnancy, providing valuable insights into the rights and obligations of pregnant employees.

Week 1

As part of this program, the nutritional counseling session can help pregnant women learn which foods to avoid and how to keep their weight in check.

There are a lot of changes taking place during the pregnancy, and one of the most important is the nutritional needs.

Pregnant employees must ensure they stay healthy and get all the necessary nutrients.

Week 2

Keeping an active routine and creating an exercise program throughout pregnancy will help pregnant women feel better.

Exercise, in general, is a boon for the entire body when you are getting ready for the baby, and yoga is a great low-impact way to tone and tighten. It is also easier to start a yoga practice and get into the habit when you are not dealing with morning sickness and fatigue, which is essential because exercise reduces your risk of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications.

Yoga is a workout designed to help you relax and prepare for a great birth.

Week 3

Expecting a baby can trigger a lot of emotions. Anxiety disorders are the number one complication with long-term effects on the mother, the family, and the employer.

Receive the emotional support you need with the professionals and in a parenting support group.

Week 4

Midwives are healthcare professionals who provide an array of healthcare services for women, including gynecological examinations, contraceptive counseling, prescriptions, and labor and delivery care.

Providing expert care during labor and delivery and after birth is a specialty that makes them unique.

Vania Limban has 25 years of experience. As a midwife, she worked with hundreds of pregnant women, whom she helped during labor or childbirth, giving birth to hundreds of babies.

Week 5

Talking to a doctor during pregnancy is a must and being there to answer all the questions will alleviate all your fears and worries, especially when you are a first-time mom.

Week 6

Make peace with yourself, gain excellent health, feel the love of your life.

Choose to be prepared for this magic moment: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you choose this way, postpartum depression will stay away from you!

Week 7

This session is for answering questions and supporting women through the pregnancy and the first stages of parenthood.

Dads are also invited.

You will learn about the challenges and joys of parenting, what to expect and how to handle the unexpected.

Week 8

Adding to a family is exciting but overwhelming.

You start asking questions about financial stability and your rights during pregnancy and after giving birth.

HR specialists, financial specialists, lawyers, and legal advisers are at your disposal to provide the information you are looking for.

Program coordinators

This program is meticulously created by the She is Mom team, in collaboration with a diverse array of experts and specialists. We bring together our collective expertise in areas such as obstetrics, nutrition, mental health, workplace rights, and more, to ensure that every aspect of the program meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Enjoy your pregnancy

Embarking on the path to motherhood is an incredible adventure, filled with excitement, anticipation, and occasional uncertainty. At times, the journey may feel overwhelming, especially when faced with the myriad of changes and challenges that pregnancy brings.

With our compassionate support and comprehensive resources, you can embark on this extraordinary adventure knowing that you are not alone.

Together, we will celebrate the joys, overcome the challenges, and triumph in the miracle of bringing new life into the world.