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Motherhood brings a new perspective to your career, reshaping your priorities and prompting the quest for a balanced work-life equilibrium that aligns with your personal and professional aspirations.

We understand the importance of a smooth transition and offer more than just a program. It is an opportunity to try what best suits your needs.

At She is Mom, we understand these challenges and are here to support your journey back to a successful and fulfilling career. Our Back to Work program is designed to provide you with the practical resources, guidance, and opportunities to navigate this transition confidently and efficiently.

Your time is precious — invest it wisely in your new career journey.

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Step back into the working world with confidence and achieve your career goals!

Regaining your professional confidence is key to a successful transition. Learn how to revalue your skills, enhance your CV, and excel in interviews.

The program is structured into four comprehensive chapters.

How to redefine your professional goals

Discover the art of reevaluating and refining your career aspirations with our expert guidance for your professional journey.

  • Uncover new directions
  • Set achievable goals
  • Create a roadmap

Whether you are seeking a career change or want to advance in your current field, this module will empower you to redefine and align your ambitions effectively.

How to prepare your CV and LinkedIn

Crafting a compelling CV and LinkedIn profile is crucial in today's competitive job market.

Learn the secrets of creating a standout CV highlighting your skills and experiences.

Explore LinkedIn optimization techniques to boost your online presence and attract potential employers or collaborators.

Our comprehensive guidance ensures you make a lasting impression in the professional arena.

Interview techniques and salary negotiation

Ace interviews with confidence and finesse.

Gain insights into interview strategies, from effective communication to answering challenging questions.

Additionally, master the art of salary negotiation to secure the compensation you deserve.

This module equips you with the skills to navigate interviews and negotiations successfully, enhancing your chances of career success.

How to overcome feelings of anxiety or uncertainty

Addressing anxiety and uncertainty is paramount to career growth.

Our program delves into practical techniques for managing and overcoming these common feelings.

Explore mindfulness and resilience strategies to boost your confidence and emotional well-being.

With our guidance, you can tackle uncertainty head-on and embrace your career journey with resilience and optimism.

Program Benefits

  • Develop and refine essential skills such as time management, communication, and problem-solving
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the current job market trends and requirements
  • Engage with a supportive peer community of fellow mothers on a similar journey, sharing experiences
  • Expand your professional network, creating potential collaborations and job opportunities.
  • Receive personalized feedback to address your unique career goals and challenges.
  • Gain the confidence to tackle the job market with a renewed sense of self-assuredness and belief in your abilities.

This program is for:

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  • Mothers returning to work after taking maternity leave, seeking a seamless transition back into the workforce.
  • Career changers considering a career change or seeking to enter a new industry or field.
  • Job seekers, professionals who are actively searching for job opportunities and want to enhance their marketability.
  • Those Seeking Personal Growth interested in personal development and self-improvement to boost their confidence and career prospects.

Program coordinators

Practical information

Duration of the program:

This program is a one-time session.


The program will take place online on Google Meet, and the session’s length is 90 minutes.


The minimum number of participants is 6 people..


The sessions will be held in Romanian or English.


The price is 20 euros / per participant.

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