Back to work with confidence

Your career relaunched

Embarking on a journey back to the workforce after motherhood is not just about finding a job – it is about rediscovering your professional identity, reclaiming your confidence, and navigating the evolving landscape of work-life balance.

At She is Mom, we understand the challenges women face as they navigate their return to the workforce.

Our comprehensive Back to Work program is meticulously crafted to address every crucial aspect of your career relaunch journey.

From redefining your professional goals to mastering CV and LinkedIn optimization, from acing interviews to negotiating salary with confidence, our course covers it all. But it is more than just a checklist of skills – it is a supportive community, a guiding hand, and a source of empowerment as you embark on this transformative journey.

Your time is precious — invest it wisely in your new career journey.

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Duration: 2 hours

Format: Online

Participants: 6 - 8 people

Language: Romanian, English

Price: 20 euro

Intended participants

Mothers returning to work seek a smooth transition back into the workforce, balancing family duties with career reintegration.

Career changers aim to switch careers or enter new fields for personal and professional growth.

Job seekers strive to boost marketability and secure rewarding positions aligned with their goals.

Individuals pursuing personal growth aim to build confidence and enhance career prospects through self-improvement.

Program outcome

Developing and refining essential skills such as time management, communication, and problem-solving to excel professionally.

Acquiring an in-depth understanding of the current job market trends and requirements.

Engaging with a supportive peer community of fellow mothers on a similar journey, sharing experiences and insights.

Expanding professional networks, creating potential collaborations and job opportunities, while receiving personalized feedback and gaining the confidence to navigate the job market with a renewed sense of self-assuredness.

Program outline

Navigating your professional comeback requires a strategic approach to rebuild confidence and redefine goals. Our program is designed to guide you through this journey, providing support in reassessing your abilities, refining your resume, and excelling in job interviews. Our program equips you with the tools and support needed to confidently re-enter the workforce, setting the stage for a successful professional comeback.

Understanding your career relaunch journey

Rediscovering your professional identity

Reclaiming confidence in your skills

Navigating the evolving work-life balance

Defining your career objectives

Creating a career action plan

Identifying transferable skills

Crafting your professional image while mastering job search strategies

Resume and cover letter optimization

LinkedIn profile makeover

Personal branding for career success

Job search techniques for returnees

Leveraging networking for job opportunities

Utilizing online job platforms effectively

Interview techniques and salary negotiation

Preparing for behavioral interviews

Handling gap-related questions with confidence

Showcasing your value proposition

Understanding salary negotiation tactics

Negotiating flexible work arrangements

Evaluating total compensation package

Fostering empowerment on your career journey

Addressing anxiety and uncertainty.

Learning practical techniques for emotional resilience.

Exploring mindfulness for confidence.

Discovering resilience strategies for well-being.

Embracing the career journey with resilience.

Tackling uncertainty optimistically.

Program coordinators

Relaunch your professional path

Unlock your potential and reignite your career journey with unwavering confidence!

Embrace the challenges, conquer uncertainties, and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

It is time to rewrite your story and step into the future you deserve.

Let's relaunch your career with confidence today!