Returning to Work Successfully

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Motherhood fundamentally alters our perspectives on life and career, triggering a profound reassessment of priorities and a determined pursuit of a balanced work-life equilibrium that resonates with our personal and professional aspirations.

At She is Mom, we are supporting you with the challenges of reintegrating into the workforce.

Our program is meticulously organized to address your unique needs, offering a tailored experience designed precisely for your circumstances.

Be ready to see what is out there, discover what you want, rediscover your passions, explore untapped opportunities, and chart a purposeful trajectory forward.

We are here to support you in removing obstacles and nurturing your journey toward a career that brings you excitement and joy.

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Modules: 6 sessions

Duration: 120 minutes/session

Format: Online

Participants: 6 people

Language: Romanian, English

Price: 30 euro / per module or 100 euro / program

Intended participants

Mothers who are returning to the workforce after taking a career break.

Individuals looking to explore new career opportunities and adapt to the changing job market.

Those considering a career in the IT industry but are unsure about their fit.

Individuals interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and seeking guidance on how to be a part of it.

Anyone interested in freelancing or self-employment opportunities.

Creatives who are torn between pursuing a traditional career and launching their own creative business.

Program outcome

Regain confidence in your professional abilities through support and guidance.

Recognize and effectively communicate the value of your motherhood experience on your CV.

Gain insights and strategies to integrate into a new career landscape.

Personalized guidance on skill development to enhance your professional toolkit.

Access to resources and dedicated support to embark on your career journey.

Learn to leverage your skills for self-employment and explore freelance opportunities.

Determine career paths that align with your values and aspirations

Program outline

Our program addresses different aspects of your career journey. From laying the groundwork for your reentry into the workforce to exploring dynamic career trends and improving essential skills. Every module offers targeted insights and practical guidance. We delve into crucial topics such as the evolving landscape of IT and Artificial Intelligence, the transition from freelancer to entrepreneur, and the pursuit of creative endeavors.

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