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Here is the right place to find benefits for your employees

She is MOM is an online platform that invites companies to offer their employees more personal and professional development focused on identifying their goals and accessing the resources needed to achieve them.

The balance between professional and personal life is essential. Learning and continuous development are objectives for us all.

Why choose from She is MOM services:

  • You can choose the right mentors for your employees from a variety of specialists
  • Training, courses, professional and personal benefits for your employees
  • Free benefits and a lot of discounts
  • A community with values like trust, respect, authenticity, courage, connection, and evolution.

Mentors and benefits for your employees can lead to the growth of a strong and healthy team.


This is also the right place to be if you need skilled and talented professionals to work within your company.

Hiring just became faster & easier. With a few clicks, you can find the best talent today!

Why hire a Mom?

Mothers are interested in positions and companies that offer stability, support, opportunities, and flexibility.

  • You will find a professional, a person with organizational skills, attention to detail, creativity.
  • Mothers are aces in project management. With limited resources, mothers face any challenge.
  • Mothers are masters in multitasking.
  • Mothers learn and adapt quickly. Being a mother is not a job you train to do, but they do it, so learning new skills is in their formation.


Match your job requirements with the mothers’ skills, and you will have a shortlist in an hour instead of a week. All the information you need is already here. The profile includes a video presentation (a first face2face meeting) and a portfolio ( diplomas, certifications, references, work samples, etc.)

Hiring just became faster & easier. With a few clicks you can find the best talent today!

Offer your employees resources to be the best.