Personal Transformation Group

The 10 steps that give a NEW meaning to your life RIGHT NOW!

About the program

It is a group in which people join intending to lead their minds in a different process of accumulating new information, changing perspectives, and personal transformation to reach their maximum potential.

The Personal Transformation Group is led by a Trainer, who has the role of facilitator, communicator, organizer, and Coach. This role involves inner discovery questions for participants, facilitating discussions, and offering good practices, examples, and personal stories adapted to the topics discussed to guide the process of evolution and personal development.

Personal Transformation Group is a place of support, growth, and evolution, where personal stories will help you find your awareness and inspiration.


Program structure

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  1. Introduction/presentation of the participants/challenges of last week.
    07.00 - 07.30 PM
    A free discussion about the challenges and topics of the previous week in the book and those received ad-hoc (except for the first session), including the individual assessments at the beginning.
  2. Summary for the two chapters/session in the book “Intentional living” by John Maxwell.
    07.30 - 08.00 PM
    Discussion based on the book's information but also based on the facilitator's and participant’s personal stories/experiences.
  3. Study and group discussion based on the book “Intentional living” by John Maxwell.
    08.00 - 09.00 PM
    Group discussion, with open-ended questions and answers about the chapters previously announced for the study, including personal assessments at the end of the session.

3 reasons to join the group


You want a change in life, and you feel that you have not found your true meaning in life, your unique purpose, and you need guidance to discover it;

You have recently had to change something in your life (partner, job, relationships, friends, home, etc.), and you feel that you need support in accepting change and in the transition period;



You already have a well-defined purpose in life, know the meaning of your life, and your goal, and are currently actively working on your dream. Still, you would like to be part of a team/community that could support you in this process, with which you could share the challenges you go through and your achievements, be surrounded by valuable people with a positive impact, and accelerate in achieving your goals.


  • You will find out the meaning of your life and your unique purpose on Earth.
  • You will take small but sure steps toward fulfilling your purpose on Earth.
  • You will learn from those who have learned the meaning of their life and have reached where you want to be.
  • You will be part of a select group of people with values and desires similar to yours.
  • You will be able to share experiences and situations you face now, to overcome them quickly and confidently, with the constant support of the group.
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Practical information

Duration of the program:

1 hour and a half a week, for 5 consecutive weeks


The maximum number of participants is 10 people/program.


The sessions will take place online on Zoom, and the session’s length is 90 minutes.


The program can be held in Romanian or English (upon request).


John Maxwell's books and his experience of over 40 years of experience in the field of Leadership and Personal Development, with over 100 books on different topics;
Coaching questions prepared by the facilitator for the personal awareness of the actions necessary for the process of achieving personal goals;
Personal stories and experiences of the group members will offer new perspectives and support for the development processes.


600 lei (120 euro)/ per participant for the 5 sessions (the first webinar is my WELCOME GIFT.

Program coordinator

Why a Personal Transformation Group?

Because NOW is the right time to find out what is your own purpose on Earth or, if you already know your purpose in the world, take all the necessary steps with the group to become the best version of you;

Because you have the support of a group, with people who share similar values and the same desire for inner discovery and transformation;

Because you want to find the meaning of your life, change and make your transformation a long-term goal, starting with this transformational Mastermind.

What did they learn in this program:

I invite you to find the 10 steps
that can give a NEW meaning to your life

Connect! Learn! Evolve!