Performant moms – A program for reintegration after maternity leave

Why support moms?

Due to their “pause” from the company, moms can bring a fresh view into the organization without being outsiders (they are familiar with the company’s culture and have a specific capital they can leverage on).

Conscious motherhood is an excellent leadership school enabling the development of skills like offering praise and recognition, encouraging participation, and empowerment, all so valuable in the professional environment and so hard to acquire in a 2-day training.

A standard value for moms is stability; when they can live it, they offer back loyalty, commitment, and performance.

Does the mom in your organization sound like this?

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Program Options

Create the organizational framework for moms reintegration*

  • WHAT

An analysis of the current practices in the reintegration process

An analysis of organizational framework assessment: procedure, steps, measurements, indicators

An HR and/or business from the company

An HR Senior Consultant

  • HOW

One initial conversation to set up the organization’s objectives and discuss HR procedures and their impact on the reintegration process

The first draft of the proposed steps to be implemented

Approval of the draft and implementation plan

Follow-up discussion 6 months post - implementation


€ 145 / hour VAT free

*This option can be combined with Option 2 or Option 3 or can be implemented separately

A 1:1 Coaching Program Dedicated To Moms

  • WHAT

An individual coaching program 3X2X1 (3 months, 2 sessions per month, 1-hour session)

One mother

One professional coach

  • HOW

Each mom has the option to choose a coach she resonates with

Every session is focused on a specific goal

Progress check-in

Closing and wrap-up of the program


€180 / session VAT free (only in Romania)

A Group Coaching Program Dedicated To Moms

  • WHAT

Group coaching program 3x2x2 (3 months, 2 sessions per month, 2 professional coaches)

Up to 8 moms

Two professional coaches


Increasing self-confidence

(Re)discovering old and new competencies

Effective collaboration

Efficient meeting

Settling limits & defining objectives

Balance personal and professional life - mindset


€360 / session VAT free (only in Romania)

**To be determined during the dedicated meeting with the Sponsor of the program

Program Benefits & Key Take-aways

  • Supporting moms' reintegration after maternity is vital for the performance of any company. It is even more true in the current circumstances when the world as we used to know it no longer exists and will not exist.
  • Supporting moms allows optimal management of remote working/ hybrid working and juggling multiple roles.
  • Support increases the level of tolerance for change and openness to re-skilling, which is more and more a 'must have.'
  • It also enables better management of the external pressure and the pressure they put on themselves.
mom and child

Why implement a Program for moms’ reintegration?

Most of the time, moms returning to the professional environment have a lot of self-doubts
– sometimes related to the fact that they ‘abandon’ their child, other times coming from their
lack of self-confidence and their ability to readjust to the professional environment.

What are the needs?

Does the mom in your organization sound like this?

I wish to:

easily readapt to professional life

have a professional impact

have a healthy relationship with my colleagues and my managers

balance job responsibilities with family responsibilities

my children to be well

financial stability

Does the Management in your organization sound like this?

I wish for:

increased loyalty toward organizations

decreased turnover

improved communications process within the team and between teams

a solid and easy collaboration between employees

efficient meetings

Target audience

Companies/ Organizations that employ a significant number of moms and want to leverage the power of moms create loyalty among moms by creating an environment where moms feel seen and appreciated for who they are professionally and personally.

Implementation Team

Over 10 years of corporate banking experience in Romania and The Netherlands, in relationship management and relationship building with large local corporates & multinationals

With over 15 years of coaching and HR consulting experience.

Education & Certifications:
- Over 150 hours of training, mentoring, and coaching supervision
- Coaching schools and methodologies: systemic coaching provided by Metasysteme Coaching by Alain Cardon (MCC) and 'The heart of laser focused coaching' by Marion Franklin, MCC
- +700 coaching hours and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation by International Coaching Federation

Education & Certifications:
- Over 400 hours of formal education, mentoring & supervision
- Schools & methodologies: systemic coaching @Metasysteme Coaching with MCC, Alain Cardon, transformational coaching @Coach Masters Academy with MCC, Ben Koh, mental fitness coaching @Positive Intelligence with Shirzad Charmine.

Professional Experience
Clients know me for my ability to see things that others don't and for saying it out loud, even if it is not comfortable.
It helps moms see how strong they are, increase their influence and lead their life instead of being led by circumstances.
Often, my clients come to me with a lack of commitment to themselves and express feeling overwhelmed. They leave confident and energized and find a sustainable way to pursue their dreams.
Coaching is my third career. Previously, as a corporate banker at ING, I was the go-to person for the largest food and beverage companies in Romania, including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Pepsi, and BAT. I have coordinated the 1st sustainable financing deal for ING and have a track record of aligning people from different departments, having other interests to generate the optimal solution for clients.
At the age of 22, I was a financial editor who interviewed the CEOs and board members of some of the largest banks in Europe, like Société Générale, Deutsche Bank, and Dexia.
I have an open heart and a big mouth and have always been committed to seeing possibility when others only see impossibility. Both proved very useful in motherhood—which was more like a marathon in the desert with no shoes or water rather than the blissful journey I envisaged. But I pressed forward and have two amazing (if sometimes infuriating) daughters.

Professional Experience
I am a seasoned human capital professional with 15+ years of coaching and HR consulting experience. I have been exposed to various personal contexts and corporate environments. In human resources, I learned that people are different, it's essential to find the correct language for each, and everyone needs to be seen and validated.
Becoming a mother was the trigger for change for me and the starting point for embracing the path of entrepreneurship and coaching, guiding others to discover their path, leadership potential, and meaning.
I am a Certified Professional Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. For almost four years, I've accompanied individuals, groups, and teams on journeys of self-discovery and growth.
When I'm not coaching, I'm busy with parenting :), reading about neuroscience, and enjoying long walks!

Coaching Philosophy
Driven by enthusiasm and a great passion for the impact our way of thinking has on our behavior, I firmly believe that "The one who has a WHY will find a WAY." I coach people to find a way to personal and professional fulfillment.
I believe that people who personally thrive are able to inspire professionally.
I believe bringing our whole selves into all the aspects of our lives makes us feel complete, more authentic, happier, and ultimately perform better.
I believe how we think impacts how we act, which in turn impacts the results we get.
As a coach, I am particularly interested in your mindset underlying goal attainment.

Coaching Philosophy
As a coach, my goal is to offer my client an outside perspective on my mindsets and attitudes in a way that invites reflection and change.
I invite a safe space where the client can be authentic and vulnerable in pursuit of wellbeing, clarity, and sense as the foundation of any endeavored transformation.
I accompany the client in translating their own insights into concrete actions towards the desired output.
I bring a touch of humor, kindness, and candidness into this space and the promise of value, authenticity, and professionalism.

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