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Step into the She is Mom community, where every event opens a doorway to discovery, connection, and growth. Our dynamic calendar features enriching workshops, provocative webinars, and captivating podcasts that cater to every facet of your journey. From educational seminars unveiling parenting methodologies to tranquil retreats focused on self-nurturance, our diverse offerings have something for everyone. Immerse yourself in intimate interviews with inspiring leaders and seasoned experts.

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Stay informed about our upcoming events and plan your schedule in advance. Explore a diverse range of activities, discussions, and gatherings tailored to enrich your journey.

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AccessABILITY Expo

September 27 to 29, 2024

National Library of Romania

by The Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce

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Webinar pentru părinți

Copiii cărora le este frică pot fi copii curajoși!


by Kidprenor

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Start Me UP

7-week self-paced program


by GrowthUP

Past Events

Missed an event? Catch up on our past events and access recordings, highlights, and resources from previous sessions. Dive into valuable insights and revisit memorable moments from our community gatherings.

Ela apresenta na praia banner
Ela apresenta na praia

June 1 - 3, 2023

She is Mom Teambuilding

March 6 - 13, 2023

holding hands
Intre lumini si umbre

February, 04, 2023

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Diversity Celebration Gala

December 8, 2022

She is Mom at Web Summit

November 01 - 04, 2022

Together for She is Mom

September 20, 2022


Engage in interactive workshops tailored to empower and educate. Delve into topics ranging from practical parenting skills to personal growth, fostering connections within a supportive learning community.

Motivation - the drive for life

Speaker: Alexandra Vukolova

Partnerships, Ad Tech & Travel, Leadership

April 07, 2022

Behind the wheel: Fuel up for 2022

Behind the wheel: Fuel up for 2022

Speaker: Dana Girniceanu

International HR

January 27, 2022

Storytelling in recruitment

Speaker: Daria Simion

HR Consultant

April 14, 2022

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Tune in to our podcast series featuring interviews with inspiring guests, discussions on parenting topics, and stories to uplift and inspire. Listen anytime, anywhere, and gain valuable insights to enhance your journey.


Join our thought-provoking webinars led by experts in parenting, wellness, and child development. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and strategies to navigate various aspects of parenthood. Our speakers include community members, mentors, experts, and fellow moms.

What is a mentor? What does a mentor do?

Am I entitled to income on maternity leave?

What does Freelancer mean?


What does a remote job mean?

Career planning

What salary should you ask for?

Personal Branding

How to get back in the game?

What does a part-time job mean?

How you turn your passion into a job

About foreign languages

Adolescence: Challenge-Transformation

How to be a mom and an entrepreneur?

Growth Partnership

Personal Development

Entrepreneurial education for children

Inspiring Mentorship

Intentional living right now