Development Partnerships

Why join a development partnership?

Collaboration is the best strategy for development. "Two heads are better than one," says it all.
She is Mom community is creating different programs for you to get the answers you need.

We want to bring together people to combine resources, knowledge, perspective, network, and solve the challenges we encounter.

Discover the partnerships She is Mom created and join us.

growth partnership

Growth Partnership

You will learn together with others how to set and pursue your goals. The group comes with one thing in common: the desire to develop personally, reach their potential goals, overcome barriers and limit thresholds.

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adolescents parents' club

Adolescents Parents' Club

We want every parent to know how to react to the crises of adolescence, understand their child, and build a healthy family relationship.

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personal transformation group

Personal Transformation Group

Discover a place of support, growth, and evolution, where personal stories will inspire you and help you find your own awareness and inspiration.

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boy playing on computer

Intergenerational Communication

The program will bring you together with other mothers who are going through a similar stage in the development of the relationship with the child so that you will be able, working together in the course, to share experiences and benefit from a support network.

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woman with laptop

Start your IT career now!

This is a three-day IT career conversion introductory program designed to introduce participants to various career paths available in the IT industry, assess their current skills and knowledge, and help them develop an action plan for pursuing a career in IT.

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