Nicoleta Neacsu

Nicoleta Neacsu

Financial Consultant
Business Operations Finance / Investment / Accounting Project Management Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Startups / Innovation


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  • Session: 200RON / one hour

The interaction with people in 20 years of experience brings me to a point when to share knowledge it becomes very natural. I love to set up projects, to put all ideas in a logical way and to simplify processes. And also I love coffee, to cook and long walks.

Finance, Accounting, Project management, Budgeting, Controlling

I am a 44-year-old woman, proud of my age and family—wife of 20 years, mother of 2 beautiful children, and a reliable friend. At the moment I am a financial consultant with my own company.

I started my "career" in a state-owned enterprise in the marketing department. After one year, I realized that I don't belong to that place, so at the next job, I sold phones in the Music Store. Here I worked for free for about six months because some phones were stolen. After paying the debt, I left at the first opportunity - a friend told me that the company she worked for was looking for an accountant. And so I started my career in the financial accounting field, without thinking if this is what I want. It was essential to have a job and start learning a trade.
I think I started asking myself what I wanted to do about seven years ago. And I still questioned it without any answer until last year in the middle of the pandemic, when I realized that if I do not give up my job, I will never have time for myself. I thought that if I failed, I could come back at any time to do accounting. About six months passed between that moment and the moment I knew what I wanted to do. At present, the list looks something like this:
I want to go hiking.
I am a financial consultant for those who want to start a business or organize their business financially.
Increasing the personal project
To build a greenhouse for flowers and herbs

Our children are 18 and 13 years old. Now I realize that I made a significant change in my career every time they were born. When I was pregnant with Maria, I moved to an accounting firm as Economic Director, and when Mihai was two years old, I was hired by a corporation. When you become a parent, you automatically become more responsible. This growth has also transferred to my professional career because the employers trusted me, and I advanced in my career. So overall, children have had a positive impact on my career.

Now, after 20 years of experience, I know it means prioritization. Whatever you do, it's still 24 hours a day. We want to do so much in this interval, and sometimes you realize that you missed something important. My advice is to buy a pen/pencil that you like how it writes and write in a notebook what you have to do - on the left the list for the office, and on the right the personal plan. As you separate the white clothes from the colored ones, it is good to separate the two areas.

The fact that I am a mentor in such a beautiful community is a great honor and equally a great responsibility. I want mothers to become braver with their careers, just as they are when their children need help. I want to change the "I don’t have luck like others” mentality, and give them the confidence that we are all equal in the She is Mom community.

My advice is that just as we plan a summer holiday (where we go, accommodation, transportation, etc.), we should also plan our career.
You can be in any situation: you are at the beginning of the road, or you like where you work, or you don't like where you work - if you talk to a specialist, a mentor, you will know what the next steps are.
You have to do this exercise regularly, and you will thank yourself when a pandemic comes, when the company goes bankrupt, or when the current employer does not respect your work.
You will have in your hand the necessary tools to make the desired change!