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She is mom is here for women, offering them the best digital education solution, access to mentoring, resources, benefits, and job openings, all by creating a video presentation about your professional activities.


She Is Mom Club is a platform developed by women for women

Our vision is a world where women align with their mission, and the mind-heart connection reflects in their careers. 

Our mission is to prepare moms and women for a great career path, even if this means getting a new job or becoming an entrepreneur. 

Our digital education and interview preparation platform help you highlight your qualities in front of employers. If you don't know what they are, we help you discover or rediscover them.

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This platform is for you if:

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  • You don't know what you want from your professional life, but you want to know.

  • You are open to asking for advice.

  • You want to invest in your personal and professional development continuously

  • You want to advance your career.

  • You want to help other mothers find a better job.

  • You want to be visionary and stand out.


She is mom is a journey. Begin by creating an account, complete your profile, search for a mentor, discover the services you need, get a new job or be an entrepreneur. Your story will inspire others. Become a mentor, bring your services in Benefits or be an Ambassador for She is mom community.

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"She is MOM is one of the best communities ever! I found in She is Mom great mentors and received all the necessary support to establish my start-up company in the fashion industry with dedicated garments designed for mothers who are breastfeeding. From help received for preparing a solid business plan to guidance in personal development, I found them all in She is Mom."

"But what I most appreciate is the openness and optimistic attitude of the members, giving me the right push when needed, making me remember my motivation, and never giving up!"

"She is MOM is a real support for every start-up, being the right place to find the best mentors and guidance for every faced challenge, and I recommend them with all my trust."

Ella F. Ferenczi - Founder of Wear Me Mama, number one choice of mothers for nursing garments

"She Is Mom for me meant a New Life, proof that everything happens in life when you have to for a reason. You just have to want and believe in yourself!"

"The opportunity to meet many wonderful people in a place that inspires you and at the same time determines you to give what is best to succeed in Being the best version of yourself!"

Carmen Pericleanu - Mother, Entrepreneur, Mentor

“Thank you, She is Mom, for the chance to access a remote job. A simple video presentation and the fact that I created a profile on the platform allowed me to access a remote job.”

Maria Neagu - mother of a 2 years old boy

“I am very glad that someone gives mothers a chance to work and to achieve their goals after they become mothers. The platform is easy and intuitive and I managed to make an account quickly.”

Maria Gavrila - Accountant & mother of Alex, 2 years old

“I must admit that motherhood scared me a little bit as I couldn’t think of an ideal situation to work and still be there for my daughter every day. So, I really am glad that She is Mom platform was launched and that is full of resources, pieces of advice that can help us grow professionally every day.”

Dana Miron – IT specialist & mother of Anisia & Gabriel (4 and 1 years old)

“Thinking that I could work remote it gives me hope. I’ve made myself a quick profile, following the simple steps. I am very glad that She is Mom was launched so that mothers can easily find a job, according to their needs.”

Laura Anton – Economist & mother of Toma (3 years old)

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