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She is Mom helps working moms align their careers with their passions. We are more than a resource hub - we are a movement supporting the unique needs of mothers, women, parents, and businesses.

Our personalized programs prioritize wellbeing and fuel your knowledge so you can make informed choices and network with like-minded professionals. Discover our accessible digital courses that upgrade real-life skills. Unlock tailored learning to enrich your journey. Together, let's transform your future with classes that enhance your skills and navigate the new labor market.










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Embark on your journey to personal and professional fulfillment. Prepare to overcome obstacles, uncover your passions, bolster your self-assurance, and unleash your full potential.

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Educational Hub

Experience an integrated platform offering a consistent and convenient solution. Access the resources you need in one place, simplifying your journey towards growth.

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Partnership Network

Benefit from a wide array of services tailored to your needs. Receive training, attend events, and participate in programs designed to empower you in your career.

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All-in-One Solution

A personalized approach tailored to your unique aspirations. Our solutions address your specific needs, ensuring tangible and meaningful progress towards your goals.

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Networking Community

Engage with fellow members and partner companies to navigate workplace changes with confidence and seize new opportunities for growth and advancement.

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She is Mom is a hive of ambitious women seeking connection, growth, and success. Within our walls you will find moms juggling careers and kids, entrepreneurs hatching business plans, working women climbing the corporate ladder, and companies looking to empower their female employees.

Thrive with She is Mom's programs

Thrive with She is Mom's transformative programs, designed with you in mind. As you focus on nurturing your loved ones, our dedicated support is solely focused on empowering you. With our guidance, navigate the beautiful chaos of your journey, finding strength and growth every step of the way.

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three pictures with She is Mom members