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teacher writing in front of the class
Evrika, a meaningful school!

by Scoala Evrika

Evrika School is an educational space that will inspire your child's passion for knowledge and make learning meaningful! A school where they can discover all their skills, talents, and abilities they are capable of. A place to know them happy and safe.

holding a green globe
Be curious about sustainability

by Raluca Mocanu

Just be curious and be bold to make changes that can bring you on new paths in your career and life. Because if you are afraid to make the step, you can miss the chance to become a better you.

What can languages do for you?

by Delia Dragomir

If you think you’re too old to start learning a new language, think again. It is true that a child assimilates a foreign language much faster than an adult, but the main culprit is not what you think it is. The issue is actually time, or more accurately, the lack of it.

child looking through a magnifier
Curiosity and Passion

by Liana Stanusi

At the end of the day, the most important thing, whatever your area of expertise, whatever you do personally and professionally, is to stay curious. So tell me, what are you curious about?

machine typing
How well do you know your own story?

by Daria Simion

Everybody has a story to tell. From the moment you are born you start to gain experiences, from walking, to talking, to going to school, making friends, your first job interview, starting a family, everything you do, it means you have a story.

post-it on a tv
My story

by Loredana Iacob

We learn to accept each other, love each other, and respect each other. However, it seems that when we look in the mirror, criticism still emerges, a feeling of guilt that we did not make the best decisions regarding our children, a fear that we will not live up to the expectations of others, and the list goes on and on.

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