Moms on Social Media. How to have an online professional image

Waking up at 6 a.m, washing laundry every day, taking good care of the kids, cooking, and also taking care of her husband and herself? It is possible. But getting back on the labor market, with a good plan for action, and learning how to prioritize the tasks between being a good working employee and also, continuously taking care of your kid’s needs? That’s the real challenge!

While the time is limited, there’s no much left for getting in and out for a face to face job interviews, or at least no without having the kid besides. Online environment and Social Media is a great place to do proper research and choose which is the best job for a full-time mom. LinkedIn, Facebook account or Job forums sounds amazingly good and useful for getting an interview, but they should look professional.

Should I stay, or Should I go?

I realize that the most difficult part of the whole journey is deciding that it was the time to take a step for the change. The decision itself was a milestone. The journey, for me, actually started at the moment I have made my decision and chose to act. But that one moment was the result of a much tougher process of decision-making. I have tried many ways to make a healthy decision so that I can feel safe with the future I would create.

How to find your voice as a woman leader in a male dominant society

The first thing you need to do to be heard is putting yourself out there. At the beginning of my career in sales, I was timid and barely expressed my ideas. And you know what? I had tons of them. I bet I could have gone far more in my career if I just found the courage to speak up. SO DO SPEAK UP. No matter the ideas are good, bad, less good, less bad.


Are you familiar with the expression: "There is no limit to perfection"? Perfectionism is the belief that the ideal can and should be achieved. If the result of the work is imperfect, then it has no right to exist: you need to try and improve it. Trying to do everything at the highest level is praiseworthy, but extreme perfectionism, contrariwise, affects work.

Wait a minute, please: when was the last time you talked to you?

From a professional perspective, I propose a small beneficial exercise: to stop at some point and draw a line and analyze: where am I? Am I okay? Is that what I want to do, or is it what I saw that I would end up doing? The list of questions can, of course, continue. It depends on each of us. It is essential to be able to draw conclusions.

Engineering heroes

Romania’s IT sector continues to increase at a fast pace. Its advancement over the last 2 years, magnified in many sectors, represents an indicator of the accelerated digitalization needs for the companies of each industry.

How do I start to project my Ideal Life?

I found that once in 3,4 years, it is a good idea to go beyond the limits of thinking and ask yourself… "Is it possible for me"? I propose an Exercise… I invite you to think “outside the box” and to project your life that you dreamed in secret ☺.

Love what you do and do what you love!

Do you love your job? Is that what you dreamed of? Did you choose your studies based on what you loved to do? Do you feel that you wake up with enthusiasm in the morning because it is a new day where you do what you like best, what represents you, and where you wanted to be?

Add your resume and a video presentation to have a complete profile.

Choose to be the best version of yourself and you will become a superhero.