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Top 3 identities of a woman and insights I have gained through coaching

by Cristina Brezoi

How to give the space for the mother to take the floor when the child appears and when the moment comes to return from maternity back to your job how to alternate with your identity as a career woman?

two kids eating - Everything you need for babies and children

by has established itself as the go-to online platform for premium products dedicated to babies and children. This online store offers a wide range of superior quality products, carefully selected and tested to ensure the comfort and safety of little ones.

machine typing
Discover the inner power to turn your dreams into reality!

by Elena Pomana

I lived through experiences that left deep scars on my soul, and resilience became a precious talent. I explored the maze of helplessness from a young age, having an extremely rare diagnosis called FOP, with only 1 in 1 million people. However, I have learned to live with joy and push my limits.

writing on the sand
Listen to your true calling

by Ramona Bostan

Each of us can change, and don't forget: you can always come back to where you were. But at least you will always be able to tell yourself: "I tried, and I don't regret it!". Face your fears because the fears can become your curiosity. Trust that whatever happens, it was meant to be.

teacher writing in front of the class
Evrika, a meaningful school!

by Scoala Evrika

Evrika School is an educational space that will inspire your child's passion for knowledge and make learning meaningful! A school where they can discover all their skills, talents, and abilities they are capable of. A place to know them happy and safe.

holding a green globe
Be curious about sustainability

by Raluca Mocanu

Just be curious and be bold to make changes that can bring you on new paths in your career and life. Because if you are afraid to make the step, you can miss the chance to become a better you.

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