28 May

Moms on Social Media. How to have an online professional image

Waking up at 6 a.m, washing laundry every day, taking good care of the kids, cooking, and also taking care of her husband and herself? It is possible. But getting back on the labor market, with a good plan for action, and learning how to prioritize the tasks between being a good working employee and also, continuously taking care of your kid’s needs? That’s the real challenge!

While the time is limited, there’s no much left for getting in and out for a face to face job interviews, or at least no without having the kid besides. Online environment and Social Media is a great place to do proper research and choose which is the best job for a full-time mom. LinkedIn, Facebook account or Job forums sounds amazingly good and useful for getting an interview, but they should look professional.

28 May

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It's not the first time you go to an interview, but it seems like this job suits you like a glove. And so, the pressure increases. You would like not only to make a good impression but also to be the one the company chooses.

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