We help moms, in the workforce, find the career path they want

Sheismomclub.com is a platform specifically built to help women find jobs/projects before, during, and after maternity leave.

We are entrepreneurs, dreamers, recruiting specialists, strategists, creatives, mothers, and Prosecco drinkers.

We have over a decade of experience in Human Resources, mediating, training, coaching, changing minds, and mentalities.

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Alexandra Micu

Alexandra Micu

Alexandra is the woman who had the idea. She brought the concept to life and immediately started looking for ways to implement this idea. She is an entrepreneur, she has her own HR services company, she is a coach and a trainer.

Andreea Radu

Andreea Radu

Andreea is the Project Manager who enjoys delivering tasks to everybody. She met Alexandra at a workshop and asked for a chance to work for her. The rest is history and 3 years later, they are making history.

Nicoleta Griciuc

Nicoleta Griciuc

Nicoleta is the creative who enjoys challenges. She is a mother who showed us the potential that women have. She is an entrepreneur, she owns Sekko Agency - Digital Communication, and a supreme leader of Digital Content Marketing.

Daniela Enache

Daniela Enache

Daniela is the force who keeps everything in order. A graduate of Sociology faculty with a master’s in the Sociology of Consumption and Marketing, she likes working with people and proved to be the best candidate for us.

Roxana Persa

Roxana Persa

Roxana is the mother who shows us every day how to mix/combine work with raising a child. After becoming a mum, she dreamt of becoming her own boss. November, 5th, 2019 is the birthday of Talent Center Transilvania, the second most important birthday in her life.

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“I am very glad that someone gives mothers a chance to work and to achieve their goals after they become mothers. The platform is easy and intuitive and I managed to make an account quickly.”

Maria Gavrila - Accountant & mother of Alex, 2 years old

“I must admit that motherhood scared me a little bit as I couldn’t think of an ideal situation to work and still be there for my daughter every day. So, I really am glad that She is Mom platform was launched and that is full of resources, pieces of advice that can help us grow professionally every day.”

Dana Miron – IT specialist & mother of Anisia & Gabriel (4 and 1 years old)

“Thinking that I could work remote it gives me hope. I’ve made myself a quick profile, following the simple steps. I am very glad that She is Mom was launched so that mothers can easily find a job, according to their needs.”

Laura Anton – Economist & mother of Toma (3 years old)

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