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We exist to support every woman's opportunity to thrive, innovate, and succeed on her journey.

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Shaping futures, redefining norms

What sets She is Mom apart is our holistic approach to women's empowerment. We are not just another career platform; we are a catalyst for change. Our mission is to spark a revolution, offering more than just career advice. Through our platform, women gain access to educational resources, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and more. We are here to inspire change, elevate careers, and redefine success on their terms.

She is Mom is committed to empowering women at every stage of their journey. Step into a world where ambitions are supported, dreams are nurtured, and potential knows no bounds. We understand the unique obstacles women face in the workforce and are dedicated to helping them navigate those challenges with confidence and resilience. Our focus areas include growth, education, and success, and we are determined to help women achieve their full potential in both their personal and professional lives.

Our mission

We aim to help moms put themselves first, thrive, and make workplaces more inclusive. We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to pursue her dreams without sacrificing her personal or professional goals.

Through our platform, we are empowering women to take control of their careers and live life on their own terms.

By providing a supportive community and helpful resources, we want to instill the courage in women to move forward, free of guilt and fear, and equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Join us in rewriting the rules, smashing glass ceilings, and celebrating the unstoppable force that is YOU!

She is Mom's Journey of Empowerment

Our story is one of transformation, resilience, and unwavering determination. It is a testament to the belief that every woman deserves the chance to define her path, pursue her passions, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. And it is a journey that we are honored to undertake alongside each and every member of the She is Mom community.

Our story begins with a profound recognition of the challenges faced by mothers and women in today's workforce. As professionals working in Human Resources, we frequently encounter women yearning for flexible work arrangements that could accommodate their familial responsibilities. It was a common refrain, echoing the desire for a better balance between career aspirations and personal fulfillment.

The spark that ignited She is Mom came from a deeply personal experience - a burnout that served as a wake-up call. Amidst the struggle, Alexandra, our founder, crossed paths with a remarkable woman who epitomized resilience and resourcefulness. This woman, who had decided to forge her path, left the bustling city of Bucharest to embark on a journey to a rural enclave. There, she not only established her own business but also continued her professional endeavors remotely while nurturing her growing family.

Witnessing this transformative journey firsthand, we were inspired to take action. We realized that the conventional structures of work often failed to accommodate the diverse needs and aspirations of women. Thus, She is Mom emerged as a beacon of possibility - a platform designed to empower women to carve out their own paths, pursue their dreams, and find fulfillment both personally and professionally.

At She is Mom, empowerment and opportunity are woven into every corner. Here, every woman - no matter her background or situation - can flourish. Whether it is finding remote work, gaining mentorship, or joining a supportive community, She is Mom sparks change for women worldwide.

Alexandra Badea and Andreea Radu on the stage presenting She is Mom

The seeds of She is Mom were sown in 2019 when our founder, Alexandra, recognized a pressing need for a platform that could support and empower women in balancing their professional aspirations with their roles as mothers.

This was the year when the idea was born, and we wasted no time in initiating focus groups to better understand the needs of our target audience.

Entering a startup program provided us with invaluable guidance and resources as we began the journey of bringing our vision to life.

She is Mom team standing around the founder, Alexandra Badea

The year 2020 was pivotal for She is Mom as we embarked on a journey of growth and development.

With a clear vision in mind, we diligently worked on building our community, reaching out to mothers and women who shared our passion for empowerment.

In this transformative year, we launched the first version of our platform, providing a space where women could connect, support each other, and access valuable resources.

The introduction of features such as the mentoring page and marketplace further enhanced our ability to foster meaningful connections and support networks.

Alexandra Badea and Andreea Radu posing with the award at Business Review event

As She is Mom continued to gain momentum, 2021 emerged as a year of significant achievement and recognition.

We took a major step forward by incorporating our organization, solidifying our commitment to our mission.

Building on this foundation, we forged partnerships with companies that shared our values, expanding our reach and impact.

Our dedication to social impact was acknowledged at the Business Review Awards Gala, where we proudly received the accolade for the Company with the Highest Social Impact in 2020.

printscreens with the new version of She is Mom website

In 2022, She is Mom entered a new phase of growth and expansion.

With the launch of the third version of our website, we introduced innovative features and enhancements to better serve our community.

The year was marked by memorable events, including a gathering in September and a gala in December, where we celebrated our achievements and strengthened our bonds with our supporters.

Additionally, our founder took a bold step by launching the She is Mom community in Portugal, marking the beginning of our international outreach efforts.

She is Mom team in front of the main stage at Web Summit

Building on the momentum of previous years, 2023 saw She is Mom taking its first steps towards global expansion.

As we extended our reach beyond borders, we laid the groundwork for making a broader impact and empowering women on a global scale.

This was a year of laying foundations, forging partnerships, and solidifying our commitment to being a catalyst for positive change in the lives of women everywhere.

Building blocks for success

These are the core principles that uphold She is Mom's mission and beliefs, molding every aspect of our efforts and interactions. Explore the values that lay the firm groundwork of our community, fostering collaboration and growth.


We believe in the power of trust, both in ourselves and in the abilities of the women we support, to create positive change and achieve remarkable success.


We hold deep respect for every woman's capabilities and potential, recognizing that they possess the strength and determination to accomplish anything they set their mind to.


We encourage authenticity, valuing each woman's unique identity and journey, and empowering them to embrace their true selves without reservation.


We inspire courage, urging women to confront challenges and fears head-on, knowing that resilience and perseverance are key to overcoming obstacles.


We prioritise connection, fostering a supportive and inclusive community where women can share experiences, learn from one another, and uplift one another to reach greater heights.


We champion evolution, continually striving to elevate women's voices, amplify their accomplishments, and provide unwavering support to female entrepreneurs as they lead the way toward a brighter future.

Meet the team behind She is Mom

Meet the dedicated team at She Is Mom, fueled by passion and a drive to instigate change. Our diverse group boasts unique perspectives, talents, and an unwavering commitment to our collective mission.