Alliance. Collaboration. Awareness.

Building a network to offer solutions, give back, and raise awareness for various causes.

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Building networks for positive change

She is Mom is dedicated to building a network of organizations, communities, and groups united in offering solutions, giving back, and raising awareness for various causes. Through fostering and growing trusted partnerships, we aim to make a meaningful impact by connecting with groups aligned in their missions of empowerment, justice, education, and humanitarian aid.

By partnering with nonprofits, grassroots groups, social enterprises, and impact-driven businesses, She is Mom leverages the power of partnership to enact positive change. We see these partnerships as an opportunity to learn and grow together with allies equally committed to empowering women, families, and communities through compassion and care.

She is Mom Partners

These are the organizations, communities, and groups who joined She is Mom in offering solutions, giving back, and raising awareness for various causes.

Collaborative organizations

She is Mom engages in collaborative efforts with a diverse array of partners, ranging from non-profit organizations and community groups to social enterprises, impact-driven businesses, and beyond.

These partnerships facilitate joint projects and initiatives, allowing us to pool resources, share expertise, and collectively address the pressing challenges encountered by mothers, women, and parents across various spheres of life.

Values-aligned organizations

We prioritize collaborations with organizations that resonate with our core mission and values. These partners encompass a broad spectrum, including non-profits, social enterprises, advocacy coalitions, educational institutions, and entities focusing on health, wellness, parenting support, diversity, inclusion, and women's empowerment. Together, we forge harmonious partnerships that reinforce our commitment to empowerment and support.

Supportive Partners

She is Mom partners with organizations who offer invaluable support and resources to further our mission of empowering mothers, women, and parents worldwide. Their dedication enhances our ability to provide meaningful assistance and foster a supportive community. Through their assistance, we can amplify our impact and reach even more individuals in need of support, guidance, and resources on their journey through motherhood and parenthood.

Voices of support

pictures with She is Mom partners
pictures with She is Mom partners