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Located online and accessible worldwide, She is Mom Club is here to tell you that it is time to break free from your comfort zone and bid farewell to the impostor syndrome phase that holds you back.

An inclusive community where you can achieve success in your career, take smart risks, be willing to pivot or turn things around when needed, build your professional network, and commit to lifelong learning.

Embark on the path to "having it all" – your dream career, your passions reignited, your professional identity reclaimed, and precious moments with family.

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It is a great place to meet new friends, seek help when needed, and collaborate towards shared objectives.


The community brings together members to share their experiences, interests, and career aspirations.


Gaining experience through community helps one navigate personal and professional growth.


The community offers learning resources and tools that are co-created by its members.


Coming together as a community to offer encouragement, guidance, and solidarity to one another.

Our Community, Our Stories

The She is Mom community is filled with women who know a thing or two about overcoming challenges with grace. Their stories radiate resilience and empowerment, showcasing the strength found in unity.

The first success story of the She is Mom community is about a a single mom in our community needed a remote part-time job to care for her toddler without childcare.

We listened with open hearts as she shared her struggles. Together, we channeled the power of empathy into meaningful action.

We crafted a video that captured her indomitable spirit. Our voices amplified her worth. Through relentless advocacy, we opened doors of opportunity.

In just two weeks, the impossible became possible. This remarkable woman secured a remote job, achieving the delicate balance between providing for her child and caring for him at home.

Against all odds, one courageous mother triumphed over adversity with the help of a compassionate community.

Nicoleta Neacsu and Loredana Iacob have made quite the journey within the She is Mom community. These two former corporate professionals turned entrepreneurs started out facing a common struggle - adjusting to the self-discipline and goal-setting required when you are your own boss.

Out of this shared experience grew an important question: "How can we help each other?" The answer was the "Growth Partnership" pilot program, where Loredana and Nicoleta provided guidance and support to 16 fellow moms, entrepreneurs, and ambitious women in small groups. The program was a resounding success based on participant feedback. Energized by the pilot, Loredana and Nicoleta resolved to extend this support to the whole community.

What started as mutual support between two women has grown into a full-fledged community empowerment initiative.

banner for the program Career Development Programme for Ukrainian Mothers

In response to the challenges faced by Ukrainian mothers affected by the war, She is Mom partnered with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to launch the "Career Development Programme for Ukrainian Mothers."

This initiative aimed to enhance the livelihoods of women impacted by the conflict. Over 300 mothers have benefited from the program, including Olga, who shared her poignant journey.

Forced to flee Ukraine with her two children due to the war, Olga left behind her life, loved ones, and career. Yet, she maintained her determination to pursue a better future.

With the support of She is Mom, Olga found solace and guidance. Mentors helped her craft a compelling CV and LinkedIn profile, offered career advice, and bolstered her confidence. Today, as a compliance auditor, Olga stands as a testament to the program's success, embodying resilience and renewed hope for the future.

In 2020, Diana, facing a hearing impairment that necessitated reliance on lip reading, actively pursued employment.

She aimed to secure a role as a Dental Technician or in a back-office position, avoiding direct human interaction. Despite her educational background and expertise in dental technology, Diana encountered challenges in her job search.

That is when Daniela, co-founder of She is Mom, stepped up. She provided the support Diana desperately needed. Together, they made a video announcing Diana's job hunt.

It worked like a charm. Within days, Diana landed an amazing position on a stellar team.

She continues to thrive today, empowered by Daniela's help and her own grit and perseverance.

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As a member of She is Mom, you are not just joining a community — you are igniting a movement. Together, let's craft a nurturing space where women from diverse backgrounds unite to learn, evolve, and excel, both in our personal lives and professional endeavors.

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We swap stories, share successes, and sprinkle humor on the chaos of modern parenting, like a cocktail party where laughter flows as freely as the drinks.

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From career tips to parenting hacks, our recorded content library is your secret sauce for mastering the art of multitasking with finesse and staying ahead of the curve.

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Rise above without burning a hole in your pocket! Score exclusive discounts on programs tailored to sharpen your skills, boost confidence, and propel you toward your professional goals.

Build your professional profile and connect with others

Your launchpad to showcase your talents, expand your tribe, and mingle with success-driven souls who share your passion for kicking goals.

Gain mentorship from industry experts

Wish you had a Yoda for life's journey? Voila! Our mentorship program pairs you with seasoned pros to turn your dreams into reality, step by step.

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Your membership investment fuels the growth and sustainability of She is Mom. By joining, you contribute to a supportive environment where members thrive both personally and professionally.

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She is Mom global community

She is Mom is all about connecting mothers worldwide because, let's face it, who understands the chaos of motherhood better than fellow moms? By bringing together women from every corner of the globe, She is Mom creates a space where we can swap stories, share tips, and remind each other that we're not alone in this crazy journey.

As a global community, She is Mom taps into a treasure trove of mom wisdom, diverse perspectives, and maybe even a few life-saving hacks. Plus, when moms unite on a global scale, we are not just a force to be reckoned with; we are a force for good. Together, we will navigate the ups and downs of motherhood with sass, solidarity, and a healthy dose of humor.

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If you are ready to make a meaningful difference, to spark unity and endless discovery, reach out to us today.

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We are here to listen, support, and empower you on your parenting journey, which is unique to you. All moms, women, and parents face their own triumphs and challenges.

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Tell us what you want to know, achieve, or discuss. We will do our best to provide the information and the support you need.

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