EBRD and She is Mom have launched the Career Development programme for Ukrainian mothers impacted by the war.

Due to the war in Ukraine, millions of people have been forced to leave the country or have been internally displaced, leaving many without jobs and financial stability. A large part of those displaced are women and mothers.

That is why the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and "She is Mom" have launched the Career Development programme for Ukrainian mothers impacted by the war, aiming to provide better livelihoods for women affected by the war in Ukraine.


About the programme

The programme aims to improve the skills and employability of Ukrainian mothers in Romania or other host countries, also taking into account their future return to Ukraine. Ukrainian mothers will receive support in order to better integrate into the labor market, thereby bringing high value to society, local economies, and the mothers themselves.

The programme will be implemented online between October 2022 - September 2023, benefitting a total of 60 Ukrainian mothers.

Career counseling services will be delivered individually, in English, free of charge.

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will provide career counseling sessions, delivered by different mentors, in the following areas:

  • Individual assessment of skills and objective
  • Session for career planning, based on the individual assessment
  • Reviewing the CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Setting the career plan for the next year and focusing on identifying new courses for professional development
  • Career coaching to increase self-confidence

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