The Habit Game - Empowering motherhood through habits

Transform your life

Embark on a journey of transformation with The Habit Game, where small steps lead the way for significant life changes. Balancing life's demands can feel like an uphill battle. Whether it is carving out "me time," getting in shape, boosting focus, or reigniting motivation, our program offers a pathway to achieve these goals and more.

Altering habits is not just about making lifestyle improvements, it is about encouraging a healthier and more relaxed existence.

We believe in the power of habits to create a healthier, more fulfilling life. By committing to daily actions, you can unlock profound shifts and greater well-being. Specifically designed for moms, our program provides essential support to navigate personal and family life, fostering balance and harmony.

With The Habit Game, you are in control. Set your own pace and tailor the experience to fit your needs. Whether it is a quick sprint or a long-term commitment, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Modules: Build your own journey. Choose as many as you like.

Duration: Just one hour / day builds a path toward progress.

Format: Be present, live and in person.

Participants: 6 - 8 - it is the perfect size for success.

Price: 900 euro
With a penalty fee for those who skip out, we ensure everyone stays on track towards their goals.

Take care of YOU

Taking care of yourself is vital for mental health, so our challenge will recommend wellness activities intended to enhance your overall well-being.

Pursue healthy habits that suit your personal needs and support your aspirations for self-improvement.

The self-care missions provide relaxing activities that cultivate well-being and foster inner tranquility.

Participating in chosen activities reveals what truly inspires you, enhancing your path to a fulfilling life.

Each activity offers a chance to enrich your self-care routine, nurturing a bond with your own needs and goals, and laying the foundation for a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Game outcome

Set clear goals and strive for balance in life to take ownership of your path and achieve tangible results through focused effort.

Practise self-care, prioritize your physical and mental well-being.

Strengthen the bonds with your children and loved ones by engaging in activities that everyone values.

Refine your time management skills to boost productivity and structure your day efficiently, allowing you to devote time to both work and family life.

Join a supportive community of mothers who share similar experiences and challenges as you so that you can motivate and uplift one another.

Give yourself the flexibility to adjust timeframes and commitments to fit your life circumstances perfectly.

Game outline

Join us for The Habit Game, where lasting success is within your reach. Designed for flexibility, this program allows you to tailor the duration to your specific needs. Set your own pace and timeframes for achieving your personal and family goals. Whether you are looking to make small adjustments or overhaul your habits entirely, you can participate for as long as you need to ensure you meet your objectives.

Begin by setting personalized goals that reflect your priorities in family, health, and personal growth.

Whether you want to achieve a better work-life balance, enhance your self-care, or spend more quality time with your children, setting goals can help you make positive changes.

Identify specific habits that will help you meet your goals.

This could include establishing routines for self-care, adopting better time management skills, refining parenting strategies, or fostering healthy living choices.

Engage in daily and weekly tasks that align with your chosen habits and objectives.

These tasks are tailored to fit into a busy mom's schedule, promoting gradual and achievable progress.

Join a group of moms in the She is Mom community.

This will allow you to connect, share experiences, and motivate each other.

The group support is instrumental in helping you meet new people, collaborate, and stay encouraged throughout your journey.

The story of our Habit Game

Alexandra's vision

Alexandra, the founder of She is Mom, envisioned a transformative program to challenge individuals to break free from toxic routines and embrace positive habits. Drawing from her background in psychology and her passion for human behavior, she recognized the power of community support in facilitating habit change.

The birth of the Habit Game

Driven by her conviction that changing habits leads to profound life transformation, Alexandra embarked on a journey to create the Habit Game. After extensive research and reading on adult habit transformation, she developed a program that empowers individuals to make meaningful changes through small, manageable steps.

A journey of collaboration

The Habit Game began as a collaborative effort, with Alexandra and our group of 8 selecting three habits tailored to address the challenges of modern life. These habits were carefully chosen to align with the evolving lifestyle and work patterns of participants.

The Habits

“go outside for an hour” every day, encouraging us to reconnect with the outdoors.

intermittent fasting aimed to promote a healthier lifestyle, helping us maintain balanced eating habits.

digital detox each evening disconnecting from electronic devices after 8 o'clock, fostering better sleep and work-life boundaries.

The Rules

In the first month, each participant had to select one of the suggested habits and maintain a diary tracking their progress.

If a participant failed to uphold their chosen habit for a single day during the first month, they were required to pay 10 euros to the person whose name followed theirs in the alphabetical list.

In the second month, participants had the option to either modify their existing habit or introduce a new one (with a caveat that if they chose to have two habits, the penalty fee would double).

The third month allowed for further habit adjustments or introducing a third habit.

Playing the game and facing challenges

three pictures with She is Mom members

Ready to play the game?

Join us in playing the game and facing challenges head-on! We will navigate obstacles, overcome hurdles, and emerge stronger than ever before.

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Picture the person you want to become, your best and highest self.

You may get tired or discouraged at times but do not quit. You will look back with satisfaction at all you have overcome, and realize your transformation has begun.

So are you ready? Adventure awaits. Let's start playing the game of growth today!