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For some, becoming an entrepreneur may seem like a high-risk taking change in their lives, but this journey may be the right path for others. We know that starting your own business is an important decision, and it takes a lot of courage to step on this path. Therefore, we are here to assist you along the way and to offer the necessary resources to help you succeed.

We have enthusiastic mentors who have already gone through these stages and can share valuable advice from their experiences. We organize networking events or free educational webinars to address your needs. When ready to launch your new brand, consider the opportunity to promote your business in our dedicated benefits area.

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Do you want to be a freelancer?

Good for you.

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers services to a company (or multiple) without being an employee. Freelancers can take on as much work from as many businesses as they please. A career in freelancing offers flexibility.

  • Research more about freelancing and see if it is suited for you.
  • Build a profile, create a presentation about your professional experience (skills, experiences, achievements).
  • Create a portfolio
  • Set up a price for your services.
  • Find a platform where you can list your services (She is mom may be the first for you).

Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Do you want to become an entrepreneur but not know where to start?

Start your own business with us! It is an amazing journey, and we created She is Mom to give women power and trust to create the future!

Our entrepreneurial mentors have the knowledge and business insight to help you succeed. Also, you can rely on an already made network.

Here you can find all infrastructure to create your business.

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Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Consult our step-by-step guide to start your own business and be one step closer to achieving your goals!

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They can help you be your own inspirational leader


Do you want to know how to start?

Do you want to open a sole registered trader or a limited liability company?

Do you want a business plan?

Do you want a marketing strategy?

Do you want to build a website?