Anemari Fiser

Anemari Fiser

Career Coach in tech
Tech / Data


  • Session: 80EUR / one hour

I have been in the tech industry for more than 8 years as a Software Engineer, Consultant and Tech Lead.

One year ago I quit my full-time job and since then I have been running my own business as a Coach & Mentor (EMCC Certified).

As a woman in tech, growing diversity in this industry was always been one of my interests. By working with different organizations in Barcelona, I have mentored, trained and coached people from underrepresented groups in tech on different topics and helped to create safe spaces for women to feel empowered to take the stage of public speaking. I also put myself out there as a speaker in different events and conferences, leading as an example, showing it can be done.

I now use my experience and skills to support others in their tech careers: so they can do it better, faster and not get burned out like me, making the tech industry an even better place to be in.

If you have any questions about a career in tech, looking for your first job as a developer, have already been in the tech industry for a while but are not sure how to get to the next stage, or struggling in a Tech lead role: let’s talk!

Career Coaching: help you navigate your tech career
Transformational coaching: I act as a facilitator between you and yourself
Tech Lead training and coaching

Anemari Fiser is an expert in the tech industry. Over the years she took different roles: Software Engineer, Consultant, Tech Lead, coach, mentor and is currently leading the Education team at CodeOp (international coding school).

Figuring out what I want to do is a work in progress (I think will always be for me). For the time being, I just go with the flow, and for now, coaching, mentoring and leading people in tech is my way to connect with people around me and leave my mark on the world.

Work-life balance for me means freedom to choose: when to work, when to rest, what I work on, with who I work, and how I spend my free time with no predefined boundaries.

Being a mentor means supporting someone on their journey by listening, teaching, advising and creating opportunities for them.

"You have more options than you think! You just have to ask yourself the right questions."