Seeing is not always believing

Droplets of wisdom with Irina and Silvia

Who we are

We are Irina and Silvia, 40-year-young twins from Bucharest.

By some standards, we qualify as visually impaired; as twins, we come as a whole.#joke

We are the people who turn lemons into something unexpected, an in-between course like sorbet – allowing you to savor what lays ahead. So, we’ve decided to treat this disability as a challenge and a blessing in disguise. We come before you not as teachers, simply laying a new perspective on the unseen ahead.

By allowing us to guide you for a few hours, you might gain more awareness of inclusion and on not taking things for granted.


How can we add value to your company?


Through a series of inspirational speeches, I will contribute to a significant change of perception, hopefully overcoming some preconceptions.

Eyes wide open: what’s staring us in the face, and we never notice?!

Do we lack vision or perception?!

My life is pretty… colorful!

People come in different nuances.

Senses, the hidden weapon challenging mind design.

Life-defining moments the ones that change destinies and perceptions.

What is authenticity?

Lack or luck? An either/or conditioning?

Power of technology in the disabled’s world.

A friend for life, my precious guide dog.

A society built mostly on visual perceptions, right or wrong?!

Classes for corporate integration and team bonding

Asking for help is a virtue

Inhale positivity, exhale negativity

Capture the bigger picture in your heart

Do you see me?
Take my hand!

Learning to be around a blind person is the first step in awakening the playful child you once were.

When you approach me, let your selfless spirit take over – it’s lovely to be offered help without having to ask.

looking in the mirror
holding hands
  • I allow myself to be vulnerable and welcome the same treatment.
  • I fully trust the reflection of my good intentions.
  • We have the ability to materialize anything we want, so always choose the best in people.
  • Trust me, their beauty, their kindness will shine brighter than a 1000 suns.

Program coordinator

Our positive upbringing led us to believe there is no mountain we can't climb.

Imperceptive, Uncomprehending, Unimaginative, Insensitive

If these are adjectives describing being blind, we don't pretend to be less or more than others; we are simply different.

Funny thing, none of them describe the actual impairment.

looking in the mirror

Who recommends us?

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BRCC - British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce

Life into Europe Charity – Ambassador of Fundraising Events

Irina Crocker

Speech Delivery, Q&A, Network, Follow-up

500 euro

Irina Crocker & Silvia Stelea

Speech Delivery, Q&A, Network, Follow-up

1000 euro

"Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play."

Immanuel Kant