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Sanda Docan

Special prices for personal development workshops for children, adolescents, and adults, seminars for parents and couples, offered for's members.
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My name is Sanda Docan, and I am a psychologist/psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and parents. I am a member of the Romanian College of Psychologists, and I have the right to free practice in Experiential Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I offer psychotherapy services to those who want to succeed where they set out, those who wish to fulfill their dreams, those who want to improve relationships with children, parents, partner (couple or business), with themselves.
Each of us is born with a gift, a grace to give to the world so that the world may become more beautiful, better. At some point in my life, I discovered what my gift was: guiding people to find themselves, to bring them a ray of hope in their souls that can be done differently than they knew, to plant trust, courage, joy, to influence, and contribute to their transformation.
I organize personal development workshops for children, adolescents, adults, seminars for parents, and seminars for couples.

In the workshops, children have the opportunity to discover and develop their own resources. In such a group, children feel safe, feel accepted and valued for what they are, they experience (in a secure environment) difficult situations they face in everyday life. The main objective of the workshops is to increase self-esteem as well as the development of emotional intelligence.
Motto: "We find out, we learn, we apply."
The course is addressed to current and future parents.
To all those who want positive changes in their lives and in relationships with children, partner, family.
Personal Development Workshops for Adults
Reconnecting to the couple relationship
The most significant benefit offered in the course - you learn how to connect with your partner, methods and techniques to improve the couple's relationship, clarity in how to manage the connection, your own wounds, you become aware of who you are, your needs, your expectations what you have from your partner, how realistic or not they are, you find out who you are, how to love yourself, detachment from the illusion of perfect reality, taking responsibility for your relationship

I also offer:

Individual psychotherapy
Psychotherapy for children
Psychotherapy for adolescents
Couple and family psychotherapy