Roxana Macarie

Roxana Macarie

Human Resources Consultant / Career consultant
Project Management Human Resources


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I've always loved working with people. Then one day, I realized that people also need me and my skills, and I was completely willing to help them.

My passion for people (and yes, I fully adhere to TC's saying "passion for people") led me to human resources field, and I went a long way until I discovered my true vocation.

I had the luck to meet people who inspired me to become a great professional in this field and who were true role models for me. I also want to do the same for others and help them find their vocation. I love to build from scratch: teams, departments, strategies. I like to bring people together and give them a purpose, to help them succeed.

With very good organizational skills and soft-skills at the highest level, I am convinced that we can make a good team in any HR area.

Project Management, Recruitment, Training, Leadership

Well, this is a tricky question to answer shortly:)
I like to say that I'm a little bit from every person I met on the road. A passionate HR professional, in love with my job and with a passion for people în general. And a mom of one :)

The truth is that I tried a few areas before I settled in the HR community, and each one had an impact on me as a professional. I was on maternity leave when I had my moment of clarity, and when I felt with all my heart that this is, without a doubt, my path to follow.

A child is a significant change in a woman's life. Your focus is moving towards Your child, and sometimes our mind becomes blurry because we don't see anything else besides him ("mommy brain" is a real thing :)), so the impact on the professional life it's pretty essential.
It was a pause, a step back but in a positive way, which helped me get clarity on what I want, and pushed me to follow my dreams.

Honestly, I am not the best example regarding work-life balance :) I love what I do, I work with passion, and it's quite hard to stop. I love Mondays, and lately, I'm barely dreaming of long holidays.
But as I said, I am not the best example, so try to fit your schedule to work a full 9h/day, use the rest for recharge and disconnect, for family & friends, hobbies, and passions.
I believe that work-life balance it's more important than ever now because all this "work from home" interferes and confuses with our personal space, and it becomes harder and harder to disconnect. So, it shouldn't be ignored; otherwise, burnout won't forgive anyone.

Being a mentor is contributing to a better world through a positive impact in someone's life. I have had people around me who didn't let me give up, they helped me grow by doing this, and I am happy to give back what I received.
We all need guidance sometimes, and when it is received at the right time, magic happens.

Follow your heart and be true to yourselves. It gives you balance and peace of mind. Once you have this, there is nothing you can't reach.