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It is our responsibility to grow

About the program

We designed this program as a community without judgments, labels, criticism, and censorship. People from different fields with different experiences come to the same table with equal status.

You will learn together with others how to set and pursue your goals. The group comes with one thing in common: the desire to develop personally, reach their potential goals, overcome barriers and limit thresholds.

By interacting with others in the support group, conducted in a context where the keyword is confidentiality, participants have the opportunity to receive answers themselves and provide support to the other members of the group.


What you will learn

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  • You learn to make a development plan.
  • You learn to set the steps that lead you to achieve your personal or professional goals with a group where you can talk freely and openly about your blockages and problems.
  • You discover and take on the actions that will lead you to dreams that have been waiting (sometimes for too long) to be fulfilled.


  • Share your own experience and benefit from the knowledge and skills of other members.
  • Get out of our daily environment, out of the routine.
  • A feeling of belonging, of community.
  • Our development will influence our loved ones around us.
  • The personal development of the parent will have positive consequences and influences the children.
  • Experience other environments, trades, activities, fields, and concerns.
  • We are the average of the five around us.
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Practical information

Duration of the program:

The program consists of 6 online sessions, which will take place every two weeks.


The sessions will take place online on Zoom, and the session’s length is 90 minutes.


The maximum number of participants is 8 people/program.


The program can be held in Romanian or English.


The price of the program is 150 euros/ per participant.

Program coordinators

What our participants say about this program

1. Wow !!!! I got where I wanted to go! I’m starting my own business. I am proud of myself and happy that I can do something of my own. My self-esteem has increased.

2. A positive change is that the solutions seemed more convenient, the confidence that they had been tested before, and the objectives seemed easier to achieve.

3. I am much more determined to pursue my goals.

1. A program through which you can validate your plans, you can find concrete ways of personal development, a support group in which you feel free to express yourself, share thoughts and ideas, and actively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of each of those present. A comfortable and accessible space for judgment encourages challenges and supports you towards achieving your own goals, whether it is about launching a professional project or overcoming a personal limit.

2. It is a safe space where you come with chaotic problems or ideas and leave with solutions and confidence that it is possible!

3. When you have nice people near you, you get to where you want faster!

1. Knowledge of how to organize myself to achieve my goals. Understanding the choice of objective. Focus on fulfilling it. I learned to change my perspective on setting a plan to achieve it. The group maintains the necessary vibe to keep you focused and learn 1000 great things !!!!

2. Good energy, the idea of ​​meetings itself was a milestone in progress.

3. Support and guidance throughout the meetings.

4. Awareness that it is not impossible to venture into entrepreneurship.

5. With as practical and valuable recommendations as possible.

6. In a proactive way to set more precise goals.

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