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Irina Crocker

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If you feel like taking a leap of faith when you don’t have a clear direction, dare to experience life-changing moments: come see me, hear me - I am Irina, and this is my specialty!
Communication, People Management, Sales, Public Speaking, Motivational, and Inspirational Mentoring

Communication, People Management, Sales, Public Speaking, Motivational, and Inspirational Mentoring

Someone told me that I was an ancient spirit, hundreds of years old, but choosing to split in this life into two complementary souls, me and my twin sister, Silvia.
I see myself as an optimist, though stubborn and determined to follow my path. I was brought up in a happy home, raised by a harmonious family that provided me with precious memories and endowed me with the emotional foundation to grow into the woman I am today.
Our parents raised me and my sister in the spirit that everything is possible. You will succeed, you don't have to go to a special school, and much of that was reflected later on in our life decisions.
The trigger for going blind was partly due to the impact of losing our father. Nonetheless, I quickly accepted the situation: today you can see, and the next day you can't. I adapted, although I had to deal with a combo of denial and shame I hardly admitted.
One of my life-changing moments, a true moment of acceptance was the bungee jumping episode - and for that, I am thankful to my cousin. I left shame behind and embraced who and what I am. This was my moment of revelation, acceptance, and rebirth. Yes, it is a challenge, but I am not my disability - I am so much more than that.

I can definitely say I am a work in progress, constantly going through a process of perfecting and fine-tuning.
After I finished my studies, I was somehow struck by what it means to have a disability in Romania. Although my intellectual abilities would have helped me get a job, I was labeled and not given a chance to work in politics. I was involved in many activities within a political party during college, I campaigned, I was involved in the youth association, I did press monitoring, and learned a lot: I now see it as a stage of life with a disappointing ending. Probably not meant for me.
Together with Silvia, we chose to open our own business that had nothing to do with our field of expertise. It turned out to be a not-so-profitable investment, but in the end, it was a good investment for us because it offered us a profession.
Then we turned our efforts into becoming therapists, developing a new line of business: tandem massage, a beautiful experience that lasted 7 years.
Later, in 2012, I decided to try my luck in the Netherlands. I opened a practice there, with an office in a friend's house. Then I grew my own business, made friends, and organized events. It was 6 full months, hard and… beautiful. I would not have wanted to come back. At that moment, I only felt disappointment and failure. But like anything else in life, everything happens at the right time.
In the meantime, in the Netherlands, I certified myself as an international Doctor DOT therapist, a kind of VIP massage. I added that to my professional experience and followed my calling to develop and engage in a new path. This stage in my life was an important milestone as it granted me professional satisfaction and financial independence. I felt for a while I was in control of my life and took my own decisions, good and bad, mine.
As I said, the idea of ​​change had begun to take shape in my mind, nothing clear though. At that crossroads, I met Charlie, my husband, at the Caledonian Ball, a fundraising event organized by the same foundation that gave me Clifford, my beloved guide dog.
After I met the founders of this foundation, Silvia and I, we started to give our community motivational speeches and share with the world who we are as people with various disabilities.
That Caledonian ball marked the first appearance, mine and Silvia's, and as keynote speakers in front of a big audience, it was by far my biggest challenge at the time. It was a special moment, our moment. Plus, it brought me a love story, Charlie is also my mentor. He gave me clarity and encouragement: don't complain that you want to change something, change.
I still wanted to experience new things, and now I had a voice that challenged me to take action. So I got on the phone and had the inspiration to call the right person at the right time. That's how I became a broker in private international health insurance. I started from scratch, the learning process was adapted to my needs, I gained professional satisfaction from the first year, and I am pleased that we gave each other a chance to succeed.
I like what I do. I enjoy talking to people. This is the key, and it suits me, it's natural - like mentoring with every discussion, every call. Being a broker provided the insight my vocation might not just be that of a salesman. My vocation is, among other things, to become a Life Coach. So I started a Pob Proctor Thinking into Results course and addressed an organization to take accredited life coaching courses.

It is essential! :)
If I didn't combine the two, I wouldn't perform professionally.
For me, this balance thing is not about delimiting the two. It doesn't work from 09:00 to 17:00, and I have a professional focus, then I know that I escaped, and all the focus goes personally. I always worked like a spiral, and now I have something to solve for my family, something for the job, then something personal, going back and forth. That's my rhythm.
I take my strength from the balance I have in my personal life, and I will not neglect my family no matter how important the job is; for me, those 'together' moments are important. These are quality moments, the ones that will matter later. Of course, the job is also significant, especially when you do it with pleasure. I organize my time to do both, sometimes better, sometimes not so good; then again... perfection is boring.

Mentor for me, based on the experience I have had so far, means to be an excellent listener, and hear more than what the person in front of you is telling you. Listening allows you to ask the right questions later and give clarity, and direction.
I also think that mentoring is something that comes from within you. If you are truly present for the person in front of you, things happen through you.
And it is important to be there to provide support and hold space for others to reach the answer by themselves. This way she/he proves that she/he can, that everything is inside, but if someone comes and takes this power from you, this will not elevate you.

I would urge them to be as natural as possible, and authentic in everything they do.
Genuine is a gold mine for everyone, we should be looking for this and we will never feel uncomfortable in our skin. We will always be at peace to show the world the way we are.