Empowered women: discover how to bring out the leader in you

About the program

Women in leadership make a better organization.

Our women’s leadership program’s main objective is to prepare current and future leaders, discover how to lead, understand their capabilities, and become influential leaders.

Through this leadership journey, you will meet other women leaders, explore your own leadership context and find the best path for you.


Program Structure

Ability to communicate effectively within the team.

Communication is one essential leadership skill necessary

  • to gain trust
  • inspire positive change
  • gather the people around you

We will talk about the communication styles, active listening, transparency, clarity, how to ask questions, empathy, body language, and feedback.

Building a functional team

How to create the factors for:

  • a high-performance work team,
  • team development,
  • team successes,
  • failures,
  • power,
  • empowerment.

Extrinsic and intrinsic personal and team motivation

Learn how to create an environment that helps people find motivation and achieve their goals.

The best coach is the direct manager - the first steps in coaching

The manager's role transformed little by little in becoming a coach, from knowledge to teaching others to performance evaluation and showing support to the employees.

  • Team development
  • Conflict prevention
  • Adaptation to change

Learn about

  • the values in leadership
  • influencing people
  • how and when to identify the typical conflicts in an organization

Program Benefits & Key Take-aways

  • Adapting the leadership style to the situation/person
  • Ability to communicate and influence
  • The talent to relate harmoniously
  • Building a high-performing team
  • Ability to motivate the team
  • Team development through coaching and mentoring
  • Development of empathy
  • Conflict prevention
  • Adaptation to change and to manage resistance to change
retention benefits

Target audience

This program is:
- for aspiring female managers and executives who want to develop leadership skills to influence, persuade, empower, and mentor,
- for the women preparing to transition into senior management or C-suite roles to develop their leadership knowledge,
- for the women aiming to overcome gender barriers in business, and grow both within their careers and organization.

Our experts

Our experts bring experience and expertise in Human Resources, training, and development.

Our program can be customized for your aspirations and needs.

Join our leadership program and start your journey.

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Why She is Mom Leadership program?

A personal development plan.

Leadership skills and resources.

Unlimited access to She is mom network, offering support in your professional path.

Guidance from leading industry experts.

Understanding your leadership style, your strengths.

Online sessions

For She is Mom members the price is

480 euro

Face2face sessions

For She is Mom members the price is

560 euro