Empowered women: discover how to bring out the leader in you

Leadership program for moms & women in the workplace

As women, we often find ourselves juggling multiple roles and responsibilities - as mothers, partners, career professionals, and more. The demands and expectations placed on women can feel overwhelming at times, making it challenging to pursue leadership opportunities with confidence and conviction. That is why She is Mom offers a leadership program tailored specifically for moms and women in the workplace who aim to thrive across all aspects of their lives.

Through an immersive blend of self-discovery exercises, skill-building workshops, one-on-one mentorship, and a strong community of like-minded women, She is Mom helps participants uncover their true leadership potential.

Central to the She is Mom experience is the support and guidance you will receive from our community. Our community encourages collaboration, connection, and mutual empowerment.

She is Mom is about empowering women to lead authentically, confidently, and with purpose - as mothers, partners, professionals, and community members.

woman standing in front of a table, in the background there are different people around  atable talking and interactig

Modules: 7 sessions

Duration: 2 hours/session

Format: Online

Participants: 6 - 8 people

Language: English, Romanian

Price: 280 euro

Intended participants

Aspiring female leaders eager to develop the skills necessary to influence, empower, and mentor others as they advance in their careers.

Women poised for senior management or C-suite roles, seeking to deepen their leadership knowledge and expertise for successful transitions.

Individuals committed to overcoming gender barriers in the business world, determined to foster their growth within their careers and organizations while promoting gender equality and inclusion.

Women aiming to refine their leadership capabilities, whether they are preparing to take their first steps into management roles or seeking advancement within their organizations.

Those who recognize the importance of fostering diverse leadership perspectives and are dedicated to breaking down barriers to create more inclusive workplaces for future generations of female leaders.

Program outcome

Learn to tailor the leadership approach to suit different situations and individuals.

Enhance communication skills to convey ideas persuasively, inspire action, and influence others.

Cultivate the ability to forge strong, positive relationships with team members, stakeholders, and colleagues.

Acquire strategies and techniques to build and maintain high-performing teams.

Develop the skills to motivate and inspire team members to perform at their best.

Master coaching and mentoring techniques to support the professional growth and development of team members

Cultivate empathy as a leadership competency, enabling a deeper understanding of others' perspectives, emotions, and needs.

Program outline

Our leadership development program is a dynamic journey designed to empower individuals to unlock their full leadership potential. The program provides a comprehensive toolkit, equipping participants with strategies to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, foster inclusive and high-performing teams, and navigate change and conflict with resilience.

Set personal and professional goals

Establish a roadmap for leadership journey

Identify individual strengths and values

Explore strengths, values, and leadership style

Engage in interactive exercises and self-assessment

Understand personal leadership preferences

Enhance leadership skills: Communication, decision-making, time management

Conflict resolution

Practice through role-playing and real-life scenarios

Receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors

Navigate challenges and maximize growth opportunities

Develop strategies for continuous improvement

Connect with participants, guest speakers, and industry professionals

Expand professional network and foster collaboration

Learn effective networking strategies

Apply skills to real-world projects

Drive meaningful change in personal and professional life

Receive feedback and guidance from mentors

Reflect on journey and achievements

Commit to continued growth and development as a leader

Celebrate successes and milestones

Program coordinators

She is Mom team collaborates with our community's experts and specialists to create a comprehensive experience. Together, we assess, refine, and implement strategies designed to empower participants on their leadership journey. Through dedication and expertise, we aim to inspire and equip the next generation of leaders to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and make a lasting impact in their personal and professional spheres.

Take charge of your future

Transforming your leadership journey begins with taking that crucial first step to invest in yourself and your development.

The program provides a safe space to practice exercising courageous leadership, even when facing uncertainty or self-doubt. Here, you can stretch yourself to think bigger and recognize your ability to create positive change.

The path to transformation starts with a single step.