Georgiana Cristea

Georgiana Cristea

Experienced Communication and Soft Skills Trainer
Human Resources Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Psychology / Psychotherapy


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  • Session: 95EUR / one hour

She started studying communication 20 years ago and she still finds it new and rewarding every single day! As a trainer and a coach, she loves working with people and accompanying them in their knowledge journey which becomes for her a valuable source for self-development.
She is passionate to learn more about how we can communicate more adapted and with greater impact and she has twelve years of experience in adults training delivering over 7000 training hours on various topics like: Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Techniques
for Impactful Presentations, Time and task Management. 
HR professional
HR Consultant

Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Techniques for Impactful Presentations, Time and Task Management. 

Georgiana Cristea is a woman who wears several hats, one more beautiful than the other. She is the mother of two wonderful children from whom she learns courage, sincerity, determination, and pure love every day. She is a trainer who, for 15 years, has been happy to witness the development and growth of thousands of participants. She is a coach and a consultant who discovers how wonderful this continuous journey to the best version of each is.

Since the third year of college, I knew that I wanted to be a trainer, being inspired by an extraordinary trainer I met. And since then, I have started working in this direction, building, every day. Brick by brick, my growth, and becoming. The road was not always an easy one, and it meant certain sacrifices, but the joy at the end of some courses or the participants' feedback (sometimes arrived over the years) make this road very meaningful and bring me a lot of fulfillment.

With the birth of children, I became much more aware of time and each moment's value. The reason I became an entrepreneur is also related to my children. I was working until very late, and on March 1, 2016, I did not arrive in time to receive my first handwritten greeting card from my little boy. That was a defining moment when I realized that certain moments in our lives are unique, that does not come back and can not be revived!

Balance is a concept that I think about quite often because it is not easy to achieve. I admit that the pandemic somehow helped balance the balance because I stayed home longer. I say somehow because in the pandemic, we all lived this paradox: we were at home, but in fact, we could not play or be alone with the little ones because we were working. But the joy that entrepreneurship offers me is that of the program's flexibility and the possibility to be with the family in those important moments, which do not return.

Being a mentor in the She is MOM community is a compliment, a role that, at this moment, I feel is part of my mission, that of contributing (however little) to the growth and development of those around me. Being a mentor is a big plus because it comes simultaneously as the self-development part. Each of us needs mentors. We need role models to relate to and help us move forward when it is harder for us. I like to say that a mentor is a person I think of when I have a situation I don't know how to handle, and then I ask myself, "What would my mentor do in this situation?" The mentor does not have all the answers either, but she/he is with you, eager to listen to you and ask you those questions that help you discover the good parts of yourself.

I want to send a message that I resonate very strongly with: Never stop working on yourself! We have to learn from everyone around us constantly! And I think this year has reconfirmed how important our constant adaptation is. So we need to be open to learning, learn from certain habits, and invent new ones.