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Make the most of your maternity leave.

She is mom's program offers future moms and future parents a unique opportunity to gather valuable parenting info, learn in an inclusive environment, and join a community of moms.

Our program includes information on preparing you for the most challenging part of life with a newborn.

The program is dedicated to first-time moms.

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Prepare for maternity leave with She is Mom experts!

You will learn about postpartum depression, how to regain your self-confidence, find a nanny,
prepare to return to work, find your career path after maternity leave, and find a support group made by experts in psychology.

Understand what happens to you mentally & physically, prioritize your needs as a mother, and allow yourself to enjoy this time.

3 sessions

  • About postpartum depression with a psychologist
  • Breastfeeding Course
  • How to support your mental & emotional health

*See the Mentors in the program section to choose who to work with.

Get rid of your “mom guilt” and enjoy

3 sessions

  • Discover your new “you” - a coaching session
  • Get out of the house with a challenge program or get a personal trainer
  • Manage stress during your maternity journey

In the community, you can find support:

  • find a nanny
  • connect with other new moms
  • assist other moms

*See the Mentors in the program section to choose who to work with.

Start making a plan for your return to work by identifying what you want to do, what the challenges are, and finding the necessary resources

2 sessions

  • Redefine work-life balance - a coaching session
  • Choose a career counseling package

Discover how to make time and reconnect with people by networking in the She is Mom community.

*See the Mentors in the program section to choose who to work with.

Program Benefits

What you will get:

  • A new outfit for yourself: regain trust and confidence
  • A support system
  • Personal and professional assessments
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Practical advice
mom and baby

The mentors in the program

Why choose this She is Mom program?

Confidence increase

Clarity on your objectives

A community of working moms and specialists

Free webinars for career and entrepreneurship

For She is Mom members the price is

390 euro

For non-members the price is

590 euro