Delia Dragomir

Delia Dragomir

CEO & Co-Founder
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My name is Delia Dragomir and I am the co-founder of a language center. The business of was developed with my husband, Silviu and started from the desire to do things differently. I consider that a foreign language is in fact a whole universe, it is a way of being, of thinking, of seeing and variants, to understand other ways of thinking and action and interaction, is something broad, beautiful and elevating.

Over time, a constant concern for me has been to observe how learning a foreign language contributes to the development of an individual and helps him to become a better version of it helps him reach his full potential. Not infrequently I have witnessed the refinement of certain soft-skills by learning a foreign language, and here I have my personal example.

I recently posted a blog post discussing how one's language level is employee can affect the quality of his work and implicitly of the company. In multinational companies, however Not only does the language barrier have a domino effect, it is one of the realities that many of us have our customers face. Employees feel more confident at work and interact more well with colleagues, partners or clients after going through a language course. Industries who feel the first impact of such a course are HORECA, retail and communication. On average, a the employee can save 3 hours of work / week after improving his / her speaking skills a foreign language.

In addition to these advantages, I would also mention the fact that learning a foreign language is a way through which you can discover a new culture. I really think a foreign language is actually a whole universe, it is a way of being, of thinking, of seeing other variants, of understanding other ways of thinking and action and interaction, it is something ample, beautiful and uplifting.

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