Cabinet Avocat Nora Nemes

Cabinet Avocat Nora Nemes

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  • Cabinet Avocat Nora Nemes
  • Trade Register operations

Hi, I am Nora Nemes, a friendly lawyer who can help you with your legal issues.

Lawyer specialized in the fields of insurance, transport, and debt recovery.
I worked for almost 20 years in insurance companies in Romania.
I specialized in the field of Cargo insurance, CMR, and professional liability. I also know very well the fields of RCA, Casco, travel insurance, and health insurance.
My skills include interpretation of insurance contracts, assistance in the pre-contractual phase, legal assistance in case of damage, risk management, assistance and representation in case of litigation, and specialized legislative information.

Cabinet Avocat Nora Nemes
Cabinet Avocat Nora Nemes
  • 100EUR
  • Types of legal issues addressed within the Office: Insurance, Transport, Debt Recovery, Labour disputes, Litigation
Trade Register operations
Trade Register operations
  • 200EUR
  • Drawing up applications instituting proceedings, statements of defense, and notices of appeal; reviewing the procedural documents drafted by the team members; drafting contracts; dealing with employment issues; drafting legislative and contractual proposals; negotiations (claims amount negotiations); interdepartmental relations improvement; proposals regarding activities improvement; issuing of departmental activity reports, analysis, and further reporting to superiors; representing the company in front of official institutions;