Florina Cioagă

Florina Cioagă

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Florina Cioaga, as an ICF Certified Coach, is specialized in Emotions Centered Coaching and NeuroMindfulness Coaching, having the mission to accompany people on a journey of learning, self-awareness and change of perspective, in which to identify if their actions are aligned with their values, beliefs and emotions.

Starting 2019, Florina focused on creating meaningful and safe relationships through coaching and mentoring as a professional. To help her in this endeavor, Florina graduated the Mind Learners coaching school, and attended the courses of several coaching programs. Also, Florina graduated the BWFR leadership program, which provided her the proper training to guide and support people who are either thinking about starting a business or are in their start-up process.

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Florina Cioaga, as a certified trainer, has the mission to accompany people on a journey of learning, self-awareness and change of perspective.

Florina facilitated induction trainings for new employees, designed and delivered in-house trainings based on business and employee’s needs, such as:
- Soft skills trainings on professional communication, conflict management, time and project management, delegation, feedback, coaching benefits;
- Technical skills on accounting fundamentals, excel, financial modeling, M&A fundamentals.

Since 2019, Florina became also a Krav Maga instructor (self-defense martial arts), which gave her the opportunity to guide people in regaining their self-confidence and to further use her communication skills and her neuroscience knowledge.

Currently, due to her deep interest in emotions, from a professional and personal perspective, Florina designs, delivers and facilitates emotional intelligence trainings and workshops aiming to help people increase their emotional literacy.

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Coaching sessions
Coaching sessions
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  • Coaching Individuals on Managing emotions and Difficult conversations Challenges