Martha Sarvas

Martha Sarvas

Deputy CEO & Head of BD
CodeGeeks Solutions
Business Operations Tech / Data Sales & Business Development Legal Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Product Development Startups / Innovation


  • Session: 60EUR / one hour

With innovation at the heart of what I do, I help businesses realize their potential by developing a tangible strategy and a client-centric approach to the solutions. Together with a team of experts, I help small & medium enterprises and startups with business optimization and software solution implementation.

Evaluation of your business idea and its implementation into life.

My legal background and the urge to find creative solutions for problems provide all my clients with a competitive advantage in the market, securing innovation, attention to detail, and a result-oriented approach to business development.

Not so long ago, I joined a software company specializing in providing top-notch solutions to SMEs and supporting startups. Together, we help our clients get rid of the burden of technical and business stuff, letting them focus on long-term goals.

A proud Ukrainian mom of a baby boy. In the past - attorney at law with 8 years of experience.

I’m committed to building a team of engineers who always prioritize the success of their clients.

When I want to take my mind off everything related to business and law, I enjoy big tennis, long car rides, and reading about history & politics.

2 weeks after postpartum I`ve decided that it is time to try something I`ve always wanted to try. Pursuing my childhood dream of becoming an inventor, I invent unique business solutions for entrepreneurs.

I was always passionate about creating and inventing things. When I was a little girl, I dreamed about ballet shoes, but my parents could not afford them. I didn’t disappoint and made them myself. This is my approach to life and work.

Having a child while still having a social life and a successful career.

To inspire that nothing is impossible and be an example that you can do anything you want and be anyone you want.

You are a unicorn! Remember that.