Paulo Octavio Pereira De Almeida

Paulo Octavio Pereira De Almeida

Managing Partner
Live Marketing Consultoria
Design / Creative industries Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur
Sao paulo Brazil


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Graduated in Business Management at PUC-São Paulo( Pontifícia Univesidade Católica ), majored in International Marketing (1985 ).Lived in Englad for 1 year during 1986.
Holds top notch experience in the Marketing area, as well as Sales & Promotion activities. Since 1996 has been working on the entertainment industry, first whitin a wireless telecommunications/pay tv provider and more recently in the “Live Entertainment “ business , having the opportunity to work at one major Latin American corporation,two Brazilian companies and one British company lately.
Major abilities lies on brand management linked activities concerning all the various national and international brands to witch the consultant has had the opportunity to work with, both in strategic (research, segmentation, target definition, positioning and propaganda) and in several different tactic actions (trade support, pricing, distribution channels strategy and POP sales promotion activites).
Superior experience in the Trade Marketing area and POP activities. Deep understanding of internal and external public incentive campaign implementation. Very strong capability regarding organization and events management of all sizes. Has already been in charge of commercial areas and sales teams.Also has broad experience in consumer insights and marketing research analysis.

My understanding of events management, from basic ones to very complex ones, that might interest people who understands that organizing corporate events is a way to have a carrer change or carrer improvement.
Dealing with people expectations (that is what event management is all about ) and basic knowledge about what is necessary to organize an event is something I can help.
More broadly, Marketing strategies and the use of events as marketing tools is what I can give some more deep advices about it. When you are a marketing manager you trully need to understand which tools you have under your responsibility, and connecting people trough meetings,events,congress and corporate events is among the most powerful tools that can be used to generate both emotional and commercial connections but definitely needs some expertise that is not trained in colleges, but in real live experiences.
Also about being prepared to attend or organize a B2B Trade show is some of the most relegated activities in the corporate world. Usually is about the location of the booth only. But is much more than that, so counseling people how they should prepare themselses and/or their companies to participate in such events is also something where I can give powerful and useful advices.
Having also worked with several Live Entertainment companies I can provide advices for people who are interested in using this business sector as way of life of life improvement.

Marketing Strategies, Events Management, Business Strategy

I am 55 years old, born and raised in Brazil, married to Fernanda for over 29 years, and father of 3 kids. I have over 30 years of professional experience, primarily in Marketing and Sales. I am very experienced in creating connections between people and brands. I have had the opportunity to manage some of the largest Brazilian B2B and B2C gatherings. I manage now my consultancy firm named LIVE MARKETING CONSULTING, which resumes my experience

I started as a management trainee at UNILEVER in 1989 after graduation. If anyone asked me at that time where I would be in 30 years from now, I would probably never mention events. But I think I was able to answer good questions that were asked to me during those 30 years of experience. I think more important than knowing what you want is to know what you DON’T WANT truly. This first step of understanding the DON’T´s, I believe, made it easier for me to know which path to choose. But probably during the tough times (crisis and or being fired) are those moments of illumination.

I was lucky to have my wife (an architect who works mainly from our home) during this process. Still, the arrival of children to our family made our ties stronger and our targets more important because the responsibility to raise 3 children in times like these is challenging.

I am always (and I am serious about it) at home having dinner together with my family (apart only when traveling). I always took family vacations with them (usually 3 weeks per year), and my children actually choose the destinations.
Work-Life balance is something you have to believe is possible and work for it seriously, not complain.

Help people answer their questions about choices and possibilities.

There are no paths or avenues; there are only walkers. Walk always with a purpose in your heart.