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  • Start Me UP programme

Do you ever get frustrated because you are always so busy? Why is time not enough and why do you not have time to do more things/ activities that you enjoy?

Start Me UP programme is for all those very busy people that always want to do more and more and it seems that is never enough.

With only 10´ daily investment over few weeks, Start Me UP supports you to gain focus, create new habit and get in control of your own life and well-being.

Does it sound interesting?

We are putting together a special cohort for busy women and mothers who are working on finding a balance between a busy working and family life.

What is in it for you?

- Full year access to the app so you can repeat any or all the weeks of the programme as much as you need
- WorkPlan 2022 for High Achievers
- Group coaching calls
- 50% discount for 1-1 Coaching Packages
- Wheel of Life exercise- Improve all the aspects of your life
- Free access to all GrowthUP events

Total discounted price: 199 euros

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Start Me UP programme
Start Me UP programme
  • 199EUR
  • Are you a busy bee? Do you work too many hours & still work is not done? Do you want to give more at work, but you are drained? Do you really feel you need to balance your life? Are you a self-development enthusiast? Do you love to have FUN? Then this programme is for you!!! Check it out!