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Leonardo holds a degree in software engineering and has been responsible for engineering at several technological startups as well as a R&D Director at a data security firm. He has been involved in developing cloud based solutions for several years.

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I am Lenny Lino, a seasoned Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a rich history of steering technology startups towards success. I hold a deep-seated passion for innovation, particularly in software engineering, where my journey began. My academic path took me through the realms of architecture, art studies, and finally computer science, where I honed my skills at the University of Lisbon.
My professional odyssey spans over two decades, where I've worn many hats – from a humble hotel receptionist to the prestigious role of CTO, and eventually to the entrepreneurial world as a Co-Founder. At the heart of my expertise lies a strong proficiency in PHP, Java, and JavaScript, languages in which I not only converse but also create. I am fluent in the universal tongues of English and Portuguese, allowing me to bridge communications in an ever-globalizing tech landscape.

The digital era has seen me embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based solutions, reflecting my vision for technology that is both intuitive and all-encompassing. My tenure at Bryte Technologies GmbH i.G. is a testament to this, where I've led the creation of platforms that revolutionize how trainers, coaches, and instructors conduct remote corporate trainings.

My role at ATB - Associação Tempos Brilhantes put me at the helm of software that enhances the workflow of over 1300 employees. Prior ventures such as keepay and Porter - smart keyless systems showcase my knack for developing mobile applications and IoT infrastructure that redefine how companies utilize physical space.
Accolades such as being a Vodafone Big Apps Lisboa Finalist decorate my career, but the real reward lies in seeing my work facilitate and improve daily life.

Beyond my professional life, I am a father to an eight-year-old boy whose enthusiasm for math inspires me daily. Witnessing his analytical skills unfold brings me joy and reminds me of the transformative power of technology and education. His curiosity and zest for learning continually fuel my passion for innovation, shaping my vision for creating intuitive technology solutions that empower and simplify life.

Accolades such as being a Vodafone Big Apps Lisboa Finalist decorate my career, but the real reward lies in seeing my work facilitate and improve daily life. As a lifelong learner, I’ve also added the certification in Microservices Foundations to my repertoire, underscoring my commitment to continuous improvement.

In essence, I am a technologist, a leader, and an innovator – driven by the belief that technology, when thoughtfully applied, can be transformative.

While I was studying Architecture, I realised that technology was my true passion, and switched to software engineering. I had been a tech enthusiast since an early age, where I wrote my first computer program at the age of 16.

The arrival of my child significantly enriched my professional perspective. It instilled a greater sense of patience, responsibility, and time management. As a father, I've become more adept at prioritizing and balancing different aspects of my life, which has translated into a more effective leadership style. The creativity and curiosity my son exhibits in his love for math has also inspired me to approach problem-solving with a fresh perspective, reminding me of the importance of fostering a culture of learning and growth both at home and within my professional teams. My son's presence has been a driving force in my pursuit of creating technology that makes a meaningful difference, mirroring the impact I hope to have on his future.

It means following schedules. Define what you want to accomplish in the week and prioritise what's important. To me, it also means creating an environment where my professional responsibilities as a CTO and my personal commitments, especially as a father, are not at odds but rather complement each other. It's about finding harmony between the demanding pace of the tech industry and the nurturing role I play at home. Balancing these facets allows me to bring my whole self to both areas, leading by example in the workplace while being a present and supportive parent. It signifies aligning my professional endeavours with personal values, ensuring that while I strive for excellence in innovation, I also cherish and foster my son’s growth and interests.

Being a mentor would resonate deeply with my professional and personal experiences. For me, mentoring means leveraging my two-decade-long journey in technology and innovation to support, challenge, and encourage women in their career aspirations. It's about sharing insights from my unique professional path, from software development to executive leadership, and my experiences in balancing a demanding career with fatherhood.
I see mentorship as an opportunity to offer guidance that extends beyond professional boundaries, addressing the holistic needs of individuals as they navigate their careers and personal lives. It's about being a sounding board and a source of motivation, helping mentees develop essential skills like self-confidence, communication, and goal-setting
In essence, to be a mentor is to invest in the growth of others, drawing from my own life's lessons, including nurturing a child's love for learning, to enrich the mind-heart connection that She is MOM envisions for every woman's career

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