Ramona Bostan

By Ramona Bostan, Architect

There are jobs in our life that maybe we feel do not represent us, that we chose them by chance without really wanting to. And then come those moments in your life when you seem to want more, or something stirs inside you and doesn't leave you alone. That is the call…

I have always listened to mine and followed my own path. It's rare to hear someone say they have no regrets. I consider myself a part of that small community. When you do what you like, and you feel that you have followed your calling, everything happens differently, time has a different dimension.

We can't ignore ourselves and assume that the path not yet revealed to us is hard.

Do you want to get a tattoo? Do it. Do you want to sail a boat? Do it. Swim under a waterfall. Just do it! Do you want to change your job? Don't wait, take the lead and do it.

We are always waiting for something to happen, somebody to give us the approval to take a break. We hear from a stranger that she/he "allowed" herself/ himself to take a break from everything and change her/his vibe, but fear intervenes when it comes to us. We must not let life pass without making all our joys and satisfying all our curiosities.

Maybe you need a guide at some point in your life. It doesn't matter what it is: Guru, Teacher, Mentor, Specialist, Counselor. Just be open-minded and listen to your needs. So many times, we think that a therapist cannot tell us anything new. We tell ourselves that we came from a healthy environment and that we don't need healing. WE ALL NEED HEALING. It is our path to doing more for ourselves and others.

We can all become better by accepting that we can change. We often say you can't change, especially with age. I was a carnivore, and now I am celebrating 12 years of vegetarianism. I was afraid of airplanes, and now I can't wait to fly whenever I go on vacation. I ran away from sports since I was little, but now I've been practicing yoga for 5 years, and I love it.

Each of us can change, and don't forget: you can always come back to where you were. But at least you will always be able to tell yourself: "I tried, and I don't regret it!". Face your fears because the fears can become your curiosity. Trust that whatever happens, it was meant to be.

The entire process of changing your field is a discovery, and you can learn so much about your talents and purpose.

What do I think you should do? Show up for the things you are supposed to find, and you will see that life still has a lot in store for you.