Daria Simion

Daria Simion

HR Consultant, Managing Partner
Talent Center
Human Resources


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  • Session: 200RON / one hour

Daria discovered her passion for human resources from her first job. With 10 years of experience in the field, of which over 7 in IT recruitment in multinational companies, she has developed her expertise in end-to-end recruitment processes, onboarding, sourcing, account management. She has also been involved in various activities such as Employee Engagement, training administration, career development.

Training, Public Speaking, Career Development

Hi! Nice to meet you! I can tell many things about myself at this moment, and I believe this is available for each person because there cannot be only 1 word that defines someone. I am a Human Resources Specialist, a daughter, a 2 cats owner, a dreamer, an improvisation theater addict, and the list goes on 😊 . On a daily basis, I am an entrepreneur and involved in activities like Training, Recruitment, Employer Branding, and Career Counseling. My background is in IT Recruitment, Career Development, and Organizational Development within large-scale corporations and recruitment agencies.

I had to go a long way to find out what I wanted; I did not know what that role that I wanted to have from the start. My story started with an internship that gave me many perspectives and opened a lot of doors. I was involved in training administration, organizing workshops, preparing presentations, reports, and constantly talking with managers from different work sites all around the country. That was the point where I realized that maybe Human Resources is the domain I wanted to work in. By testing different jobs like career development coordinator, recruiter, and various HR activities, I realized that I wanted to have a complex job, to be somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, because I am in love with helping organizations grow their employee communities and make the people love their jobs. That is why I chose the path of entrepreneurship, to be able to help people grow and share the knowledge that I have from the many aspects of HR as much as possible. So yes, it took almost 10 years, but I made it!

It is tricky. For a person who wants to do everything correctly and professionally, sometimes the barrier between work and personal life becomes a little foggy, which is not the healthiest approach. However, I am in search of that balance because it is extremely important to give yourself some time, take a break, and enjoy other activities than the professional ones (which occupy a lot of your time in general). Work-life balance means to be able to take time for yourself when you need it, to be able to re-center so that you can also continue your activity with the lowest stress levels that you can achieve. It means acknowledging other elements in your life that define you as a person and being able to avoid burnout. Finally, it means never losing focus on how you are and what you like and doing your best to make yourself happy and balanced.

When I think of a mentor, I think about someone that shares a part of their soul with other people. When you give guidance to someone, you let that person take part in your experiences, which means passing the knowledge. To be a mentor gives me the satisfaction of being able to help other people grow, and if they do, it means that part of my experience played a role of a stepping stone for them. People are designed to evolve, and I strongly believe that someone who asks for guidance, no matter the aspect, feels the need to develop and develop the biggest step someone can take. If someone chooses to take that first step with me as a guide, it means that my experience and the connection we will have will give them the boost they need to change.

Believe in yourself. Never be afraid to ask for guidance. Take charge of your life and never miss an opportunity to take all the tools that you have at your disposal to help yourself grow. We can all achieve wonderful things as long as we are willing to invest in ourselves first.