Cristina  Brezoi

Cristina Brezoi

Career Coach
Human Resources Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 200RON / one hour


2023-Career Coach certified by Career Shift
2020-present-HR Business Partner
2018-Assoc. CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal and Development)
I am an HR professional with more than 10 years of experience in recruitment and HR Business Partnering, exposed to various multinational environments such as Genpact, Société Générale, Oracle, Stefanini, career coach and mom.
As we strive towards equal opportunities in the workplace and beyond, I believe in supporting and empowering women in their professional pursuits, either if we speak about a career as an employee or a career in entrepreneurship.
My focus is also on mastering transitions for women professionals returning to their career after a maternal leave or who might want a career change.

Areas of expertise: Career Coaching | HR Consulting | Interview simulations | How to write your CV

I am an HR Professional with more than 10 years experience, career coach, wife and mom. I am working as HR Business Partner but I also provide career coaching sessions to moms and women professionals.

I have realized that the feeling to help could be very well materialized into career coaching sessions after I have returned to my job and I have enrolled in a career coaching certification program. Due to my experience in HR, experience with a variety of people so far, and the strong wish to offer support to women who are transitioning from maternity period toward her previous job.

The arrival of my child impact me in the way that I needed to understand and integrate my new identity as mom together with my identity as woman, wife and previous HR professional. This struggle made me understand that I might not be the only woman who is experiencing such a transition and this is why I have decided to enroll in a career coaching program and at the end of the program I have received the clarity needed and the idea that I could translate this clarity towards other women as well.

I believe that an appropriate approach would be to find your own balance and to put less pressure on always trying to have a balance day by day, and rather to have the sense that the week or the month overall was also with focus on the career but also on the family. It happens to have periods when the focus and the balance to be more on the work side and periods when your energy is more on the personal life, which is ok.

For me to be a mentor means to have the feeling that I can contribute in a good way to other women life with trying to allow themselves to see another perspective and to share my own experiences I have overpass so far. If I could use a metaphor, the most suitable one would be the feeling that I want to hold out my hand to help you pass the river.

I will be your thinking partner throughout the whole process.