Cristina Brezoi

By Cristina Brezoi, Career Coach

I have always been a dedicated and a career oriented woman, very ambitious and perseverent in achieving the goals I have set.

When the time passed, I have put more focus on the familly side and this is how my second identity, as a wife, have got better crystillzed.

The most challenging one was the identity of woman as a mother, as me as a mother.

Well, and now it comes the question. How to alternate between all of them and to get a good equilibrum? How to give the space for the mother to take the floor when the child appears and when the moment comes to return from maternity back to your job how to alternate with your identity as a career woman?

Not to add also the identity as a sister, daugher and so on.

Then coaching appeared in my life and I have received some answers for my dillemma and I am more than happy and grateful to have the opportunity to return to the people who are interested in some of the knowledge I have gained through the coaching sessions that I provide.

I have had many insights, but the most important ones are:

- You should focus on one part of your identity at a time.

- Don't put pressure on you if things go wrong or not as you expected.

- Listen to your intuition.

- In relationship with your child you are the one who should self reflect upon his/her emotions and tantrums in regards with your one feelings.

- The children emotions sometimes reflect your inner self.

- Reality is formed by your perceptions.

- You need a career plan in order to continuous develop yourself proffesionally.

- Perfectionism might transform from your strengh into your weakness.

- Perfectionism might transform from your strengh into your weakness.

Now, I put myself more often the question about what is my mission in life.

And because coaching is about asking the right questions I am wondering what is your mission in life, too?

Let's discover together! I will be your thinking partner troughout the whole process.