Andra Cruceanu

Andra Cruceanu

Counselor in Logotherapy / Facilitator of Family Systemic Constellations
Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


  • Session: 60EUR / 50min

I am (also) a mom of two boys (23 and 18 years old) and am in love with continuous development.
My mission is to support people in their personal & professional transformation through positive energy, knowledge, and passion.
All the training and the schools I have followed in the past years have helped me become a more present mom and a better human being.
I am a life coach, emotional intelligence practitioner, and logotherapeutic counselor (under supervision). In a word, an integrated transformational life facilitator.
My mission is to offer people support in their personal & professional transformation through positive energy, knowledge, and passion.
I help women heal and become more resilient to live a meaningful Life.

Facilitator of Family Systemic Constellations
Life coach

I would joke that Andra Cruceanu is several in one, but it would not necessarily be a joke. I fulfill several roles in everyday life. I start with the woman, a role that I honor and that I play with a lot of pride, then another that I feel just as proud of is the mother. I am the mother of two boys aged 23 and 18, and I am a human being who wants to help other women and mothers to create their own harmony between body, mind, and soul.

It was a painful year in which a succession of events brought me on this path. It started with my mother's death, followed by my grandmother after only a few months, then the puppy, and then followed my separation from my children's father. All this made me look for myself, to give a different meaning to my life. I chose to accept and understand the pain, allow it to be, and transform me. The coaching school appeared in my life, which lasted for one year, and I can say that it was the best year of my life. It helped me discover myself and reinvent myself. Then followed by 8 years of family constellations, constellations of intention, and later the school of nirvana yoga and emotional intelligence.
Then the people around me started constantly asking me why I don't do a job out of my passions. It seemed to be a huge responsibility to want to guide others. It still seems to be a tremendous responsibility, but now it is an assumed responsibility. I know that this is my path and my gift. I realized that no one could give from something one does not have, so everything that comes from me to others is well-anchored tools in my being. I can tell them how I felt when I used those tools, what I experienced, how they helped me, and let others see how it is for them and if it is for them. How much I can help, how much I can't. Anyway, I think that no meeting happens by chance and if we are open to receive for sure, we will take our gift from all meetings, nothing more, nothing less.

Not very much.

For me, it is a thin line as my professional life is my vocation, and I do not feel that I work not one single day.

It means being able to be with a person I believe in and hope to help me be better at something.
In mentoring and coaching and everything that means facilitation, there is a lot about the person in front of you and not about you. And people are different, unique and it is important to look at them as they are and to offer them guidance, from that point. I don't think that you can help people find themselves with just one tool because some are in mind and need clear cognitive processes to make the change. Others work very well emotionally, and others are in ​​spirituality.

I now have in mind a quote that remained in my soul and says: You can only see clearly with your heart. It seems to be a comprehensive message that can touch many souls because many of us live longer on the outside, and few who descend on the inside, in the heart, many do not even know how to do this. But I know and I believe that clearly, you can only see with your soul and that there comes a time when we will all have to make this journey, which can prove to be one of the most interesting.