Gabriela Mandrea

Gabriela Mandrea

Marketing / PR / Media / Branding Project Management Human Resources Consulting / Freelancing / Entrepreneur Startups / Innovation Retail / Consumer Goods Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


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  • Session: 40EUR / 45min

For the past 30 years, I have defined and promoted organizational excellence and added long lasting value to fast-paced businesses in moments of change. With a focus on expansion, employee engagement and cultural integration, I have driven and delivered results and increased corporate efficiency. I am perceived as a thought leader on innovative business and planning processes across revenue generating functions at the world’s leading multi-national corporations.

I am passionate of coaching and I recognize it is a barrier remover around bringing the one’s whole best-self at work, maximizing resourcefulness and creativity, delivering actions to disrupt pre-conceived strategies, spearhead diversity and inclusion initiatives, and deliver sustainable growth.

As a Coach, my mission is to raise awareness about the value of unlocking the full self-potential and how living the values and honoring the life purpose serve leaders and theirs teams to engage around upgrading the work environment and employee experience to the next level of performance.

leadership, career change, business expansion, employee experience, organizational culture, diversity and inclusion

I am a business consultant, coach and mentor and I bring an unique combination of a vast range of business-to-business and business-to-consumer planning and development experiences to clients, expertise in global projects, together with a multi-cultural background and transformational and empowering leadership style.
In a nutshell, I serve people by delivering growth to the business they benefit from or to individuals.

I knew I will live a fulfilled life since I was a child. But it was only after a while, when the world opened for me, when I understood the impact of being a good leader, when I embraced my mission of growing and empowering people around me, as the only path for real success.

My two sons gave me energy and happiness. My whole being was boosted and this reflected in my work. I started my MBA when my youngest was 1 year old. They are my motivation and my source of inspiration. And now, when they are 17 and 14 they are great buddies too.

"Do what you like and like what you do!" This is the motto representing "the red line" that crosses my existence. This question always raised a smile on my face... Work is part of life, isn't it?

Life purpose. I have worked hard to understand that my meaning on this world is changing perspectives, refreshing the air, bringing new pieces of knowledge and wisdom in people I encounter. It is what I live for.

Women are divine human beings and I urge them all to honor and nourish the Being part of them. In this world where Doing is a must to survive, I encourage you all: thrive, don't survive!