Liliana Bica

Liliana Bica

Personal Development Counselor
Design / Creative industries Business Operations Project Management Human Resources Construction / Engineering / Real Estate


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 75EUR / one hour

From a personal point of view, I enjoy the privilege of being a mother, a wife, and a trusted friend.
From a professional point of view, I started from a student greeting card seller, substitute teacher, administrator in a neighbourhood apartment owners association, engineer and for 20 years ago I am human resources specialist, trainer, facilitator and coach.
I am passionate about people, what motivates them and their development. I graduated as an electromechanical engineer at Petrosani Mining University, I studied, I got certified and trained hundreds of hours as a personal development advisor, Hogan evaluator, trainer, facilitator, and mentor.
In addition to many organizational development projects and employee involvement, I sustained the development of managerial and leadership skills of the teams I was part of. I have trained and mentored many young people from organizations and from the university and school environment.

Personal development advisor, Hogan evaluator, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor

Lili, she is a human being. With my eyes wide open to life, with the love of God, family, and people, I bring me the contribution in human resources, personal development counseling, and mentoring. I like roses and especially those in the garden. I love spring!
I look forward to it and enjoy every green blade of grass! I am just as looking forward to the big holiday to be with my loved ones and of course Christmas!

From childhood, more precisely in general school. There we had some extraordinary role models: the teacher, the history teacher, and the Romanian language teacher. I wanted to be a teacher. Life has given me other options that I have chosen, other dreams, obstacles, and joys.
But I have always had the vision that I will support young people in the first place and people in general to develop and find their way. That’;s how I found coaching and mentoring as well as personal development counseling. In my professional life, which means human resources management in organizations and extra job activities, I follow my models' principles and values: modesty, continuous learning, and multiplication to others.

My husband and I like to say that first there were children and then careers. Life is beautiful but not easy! There is no textbook or school to guide you on how to be a good parent. We relied on instinct and especially on love. The most beautiful thing is that we made all the decisions and we make them together, and we support each other. Even now, when everyone is already on their way, we do projects together, and we rejoice whenever we meet.

Be present!
To be one Human being!
Do not give up your values!
I like to say that the "job description" does not come to work! Comes a man with his vulnerabilities, feelings, and joys. Solve at work what you have to do both as a target and through behavior so that when you get home, you do not deprive your loved ones of your active presence. I am coming back, but it is not easy! But by reconciling with yourself, you will be!

First of all, it is an honor! Secondly, it is a choice assumed by both parties: there are two contributors to this process. The mentor chooses to share his/her experiences that give meaning to the present and the future disciple.
The mentee, in turn, should understand that if this approach to personal development starts, he needs to be consistent, persevering, and with a desire for change.

The thought I want to share with readers is a very present quote: “Be yourself the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi“