Daniela Croitoru

Daniela Croitoru

Professional Certified Coach, Strengths Strategy Coach, Agile Coach
ACD Creative Consulting
Lifestyle / Coaching / Personal development


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 300RON / one hour

I strongly believe that the life of each of us is a journey, learning from each experience toward our dreams or goals so that we create a fulfilment life.
I am a passionate and creative coach that works with individuals and teams who want to boost their performance and go beyond their limits
My goal is to inspire you to achieve the results you’re aiming for and change the “impossible” to “I’m possible”.
I’m trained in Metasysteme Coaching, Transformational Leadership Coaching, Strengths Strategy Coaching. This enables me to find the right mix of coaching tools that fit your personality and your goals.
My areas of expertise: Executive Coaching, Career coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Agile Coaching
Also, in the past 20 years, I have gathered relevant experience in customer service, project management, business development and leadership.

Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Customer service, Agile

There are several roles that paint the picture of my personality: mom, wife, friend, creator, caregiver, coach, mentor,, trainer.
Last December, I just wrapped up my 20 years career in customer service, project management and business development to focus entirely on what passions me the most: helping people achieve their real potential.I can now fully dedicate my time to my true calling: coaching, training and mentoring (yes, there is a difference between the three!)

Somehow I always knew that I wanted to contribute to the development of young people as a teacher or mentor.
10 years ago I had the opportunity to attend a workshop and meet some coaches. Then I understood the value you can bring to those around you through the coaching process.
That is when a new journey began for me, a journey that transformed me, that helped me redefine myself so that I could accompany those who wanted to achieve their goals even when they seemed unattainable.

My daughter is the most beautiful gift of my life. I was at the beginning of my career when she arrived, so I decided to take a one-year break to stay with her. After this period I returned to work and started to build my professional career. I was lucky enough to have two grandmas with me who helped me when I needed it. If I succeeded in reinventing myself professionally, it is also due to my daughter. In this Journey, it was challenging to strengthen the relationship based on trust, friendship, and partnership with her.

We can't draw a line between work and life, so I can't put work on one plate, personal life on another, and balance the plates.
It all boils down to how you allocate your time and energy. In order to live a meaningful life, you have to find the right balance between the energy and time you allocate to each aspect of your life that matters to you (work, leisure, family, etc).

It means assuming the responsibility to inspire people around me, to guide them by sharing from my own experience. I accompany my mentees on their journey toward achieving their goals by creating the space for self discovery and designing their own journey.

Dare to uncover your potential and live a life of continuous self discovery. You can make a difference in your family, society or communities through what you choose to be, to become, to contribute.
One of my favorite quotes is from Jane Goodall : "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."