Retention Program

About the program

The retention program is built to protect the best assets of a company, the people. We designed this program to bring face2face employers and employees and find the best solutions in a constantly changing labor market.

Employee involvement and retention mean understanding the workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity, and goals.

The demands and expectations of today’s workforce are diverse. The employees need a more flexible, employee-centric work environment, and the companies need to understand they have to keep up and learn to talk to their employees, listen to them and invest in them.


Program Structure

An outsourced evaluation of the organization's employee retention from small to big companies, an objective assessment of your HR practices.

We will start with a questionnaire and set up meetings with top management and selected departments' employees.

  • review the existing retention strategies for the company
  • evaluation of the current situation: number of unfilled positions, duration of a recruitment process, turnover, employee satisfaction
  • verify the employee process, from onboarding to termination
  • verify the results and create a guidance report
  • implement action plans

Create a strategy that will help the companies create an organizational advantage. Create a positive culture and increase employee branding.

  • new hire onboarding management
  • new recruitment process
  • employee engagement
  • induction procedure based on diverse organizational culture
  • performance processes
  • organizational development
  • compensation policy
  • employer branding development (content about your brand, case studies, success stories, employees testimonials, a better job description for new positions, identify the resources in your company - internal mobility, present the benefits for the employees)

Create a plan that attracts and retains professionals and talents in your company.

  • compensation strategy
  • salary inquiries
  • incentive plans
  • benefits program
  • personal & professional development (training & development, career development plans, leadership coaching, skill development)

Program Benefits & Key Take-aways

For companies

  • cost reduction
  • experienced employees
  • recruitment and training success
  • increased productivity
  • improved culture
  • increased revenue
  • better employee engagement and satisfaction
retention benefits

For employees

  • trust between employees and top management
  • job security
  • opportunities to use or learn new skills
  • compensation

Target audience

This program addresses diverse companies from start-ups that need a solid team behind a new unicorn on the market to small to medium businesses with growing needs and needs to meet some expectations, to large companies with internal HR teams that require external expertise on some initiatives.

Our experts

Our experts bring experience and expertise in Human Resources, recruiting, training, and development.

Why a retention program with She is Mom?

We have a community of HR
experts that have a proven
track of experience and

Our experts understand both parties, employees, and employers. They have the experience of working both as employees and entrepreneurs. Their guidance will make the implementation and results visible quickly.

She is Mom is committed to
helping the companies reach
their objectives and making a

We have the best resources
to ensure the success of the

Our program can be customized for your company’s unique context and culture.
The retention program helps you protect your best assets: your people.

Partner with us to develop a retention program to help you grow your business!

What are the challenges a company confronts within this period?

  • Not finding the best people, but hiring people and trying to keep the ones they have
  • The cost for recruiting and onboarding training grew.
  • Lost time with the recruiting process and the preparation of the future employee.

What is important?


Talk to your employees. Listen to them. Bring more to the table.

Invest in them.

BEFORE hiring

  • Improve your recruiting process.
  • Write a new job description and be realistic about it.
  • Be transparent with people and trust they will succeed.
  • Let them show you what they can do before judging them after a cv or a photo.
  • Create policies for the hiring process to align with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

AFTER hiring

  • Make a positive first impression.
  • Be careful with your promises and make sure you keep them.
  • Tell them exactly what to expect.
  • Create a community inside the company.
  • Listen to them and let them offer feedback.
  • Tell them about their development and the opportunities they have in the company.

Let the employees know they are appreciated and recognized for their work. Sometimes it means more than a financial bonus. Ask them what
they want, dream about, and what can be changed.

Improve your retention rates


Why are people leaving?

  • Toxic bosses
  • Dissatisfied by salary and benefits
  • Overworked and unappreciated
  • No career growth opportunities
  • A work-life balance
  • A flexible work schedule
  • Unhappy with the management
  • Looking to discover and grow their passion
  • Recognition
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of transparency