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enhance your inner self

Enhance your inner self

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Boost entrepreneurial personality

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Grow a career path in corporate

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Discover your Ikigai

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Build connections

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"She is Mom is about every woman who wants more in her professional and personal life, wants purpose, has a dream, and knows there is something there for her but does not know where to start. Many women in today’s modern workforce face a similar challenge of balancing a career with the responsibilities of parenthood, so they find themselves having to choose between family life and career. Together, we can make things happen. We can rely on each other and find solutions we thought impossible."

Alexandra Badea, Founder She is Mom


She is Mom supports all mothers to get ready for every challenge

Motherhood brings a new perspective to your career.

Your priorities change, and you are now facing the challenge of keeping a fair work-life balance. You wish to fulfill both personal and professional aspirations.

When you decide to return to work after an extended period, you will face a new situation and realize you need to make changes and adjustments.

You have to reorganize family life and adapt to the new conditions at the job.

You may look for professional reconversion, flexible hours, and guidance on finding new opportunities that fit your current availability.

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She is Mom brings expertise and resources for you to succeed!

You built your career step-by-step, and you feel you are stuck with the routine and see no perspective to grow.

You re-evaluate your potential, and your current job is not rewarding enough.

You are ready to invest in your professional development, improve your skills and approach a new job opportunity.

You discovered a domain you like and want to transform your passion into a job.

You are considering starting your own business. But you do not know where to start, whom to talk to. You feel the need to get oriented and advised on how to carry out your plan.

How does it work?

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Identify and define your goals

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Access the programs you need

Explore programs crafted with your needs in mind and Register for the one that speaks to you.

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Empowerment coaching

Choose your field of interest and pair up with a coach who aligns with your personal and professional objectives.

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Celebrate your success

Turn ambitions into achievements. Celebrate milestones with a supportive community.


What do you want?

What is my next move after maternity leave? How do I re-enter the workforce while juggling my new role as mom?

Where can I find resources and support as a working parent? Who can guide me on this balancing act?

What can I do to be a better parent while pursuing my goals? How do I find the right rhythm that works for my family?

What does my professional dream job look like? How do I envision my career goals and make them happen?

woman with a hand under her chin, questions marks near her head

Do I truly know what I want next? How can I get clarity on my priorities and passion?

How can I find a better work-life balance? What changes do I need to make to find more harmony?

What about my mental health and self-care? How do I avoid burnout and stay energised?

Is it time for a career switch? How do I thoughtfully evaluate if I am on the right path?

How do I turn my business idea into reality? What steps do I need to take to get my start-up off the ground?

An answer for every question

You ask, we answer. We are a community of experts eager to help you find solutions. With knowledge spanning countless topics and industries, our dedicated trainers and coaches have got you covered. Whatever challenge or question arises, you can rely on us for prompt, thoughtful support. Our aim is to be a trusted partner so you can focus your energy where it counts. We are in your corner, ready with the answers you are looking for.

Career planning

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Planning to return to work, get a new job, or make a professional change?

This can be a significant step in your career journey.

To ensure success in this endeavor, it's essential to:

  • set clear goals
  • make informed decisions
  • navigate the complexities of the job market effectively


Guidance and strategies to help you set and achieve your career goals effectively, whether you are starting your career, looking for a career change, or seeking to advance in your current profession.

Expert Guidance

Talk to experienced career counsellors who are well-versed in helping you in self-assessment, exploration, educational guidance, career transition, support and encouragement. Share your career goals, concerns, and questions.


Access a wealth of resources, online courses and platforms for skill enhancement, transformative coaching sessions, and tools, to enhance your skills, build confidence, and stay informed about relevant career trends.

Job Opportunity

Personalised recommendations for family-friendly companies. Create your professional profile in the She is Mom platform and we will provide company recommendation. To get started, see our User Guide.


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Deciding to become an entrepreneur is a personal choice influenced by passion, risk tolerance, skills, and circumstances. It offers independence, potential for innovation, and fulfillment, but involves significant risks and commitments.

Assess your readiness, conduct market research, and build a support system. Entrepreneurship should align with your goals and be approached with careful consideration and preparation for its challenges and uncertainties.


Focus on developing your business ideas, acquiring essential skills, and overcome the unique challenges you may face in balancing family responsibilities with entrepreneurial pursuits. We want to empower you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to your personal and financial growth.

Expert Guidance

Having experienced mentors can be incredibly beneficial for budding entrepreneurs. Mentors can provide guidance, share their own experiences, help navigate challenges, and offer valuable insights. They can also serve as a source of motivation and encouragement.


Various tools, services, and support to help you launch and grow your business: access to legal, accounting, marketing, and IT services, workshops, and educational content, a platform to promote and market products, resources for you to manage stress, and prioritize your physical and mental health.


Building a strong professional network is crucial in entrepreneurship. Networking events and opportunities allow entrepreneurs to connect with potential partners, customers, investors, and other like-minded individuals. It's a chance to learn from others, gain exposure, and discover new opportunities.


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Embarking on a voyage of self-discovery involves a multifaceted exploration of your inner desires, talents, and ambitions.

This introspective journey delves deep into the essence of who you are, aiming to uncover your true calling and the path you want to tread.

On a personal level, this journey entails an examination of your passions, values, and the activities that bring you the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment. Professionally, it encompasses exploring your career goals, the skills you wish to acquire or enhance, and the impact you aspire to make in your chosen field.


Engage in a comprehensive self-discovery program designed to uncover personal and professional aspirations. The program's structured approach is to delve deep into one's inner desires, talents, and ambitions, with the overarching goal of helping you determine your true calling and the paths you want to pursue.

Expert Guidance

Receiving mentor guidance is a pivotal aspect of any compelling self-recovery journey. Mentors can bring their knowledge and experience to assist you in your personal and professional journeys. Expert guidance serves as a compass, helping you navigate the complexities of self-discovery with greater clarity and insight.


Find coaches, counsellors or therapists, career counsellors, psychologists or psychometric, experts in specific fields or domains to offer tailored advice, actionable strategies, and feedback to help you navigate your unique journey of self-discovery.


A supportive community can enhance the overall experience of self-discovery, providing both emotional support and opportunities for learning and growth. It complements expert guidance by offering a broader range of perspectives and experiences to draw upon during your journey.

Professional growth

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Professional growth is like a journey where you become better and better at what you do in your job or career.

You will improve your skills, learn new things, and get better at handling challenges in your work life.

Think of it as levelling up in a video game – each level you reach, you become more skilled and capable.


Empower and nurture you, provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to excel in a leadership role, realize your full potential, and become influential. Through introspection and guided discussions, you will uncover the leadership path that aligns with your goals, values, and aspirations.

Expert Guidance

This is an essential component to ensure that you receive the highest level of support and mentorship throughout your leadership journey. We understand that leadership development is a dynamic process, and it is vital to have experienced professionals who can provide insights, knowledge, and encouragement.


A hub for leadership development, bringing together experts, coaches, trainers, and a community interested in leadership excellence. Various materials and services to support aspiring and experienced leaders in their personal and professional growth.


Build strong leadership connections This dynamic environment fosters collaboration, peer support, and knowledge exchange. Learning from others who have faced similar leadership dilemmas can be immensely beneficial. Here you will be able to meet with peers and experts worldwide.

Mom Time

woman holding a chils in her arms

Honor, empower, and uplift you.

We will be a trusted companion throughout your motherhood journey, providing the tools and support you need to thrive as a mom and an individual.

We celebrate your strength, resilience, and boundless love for your family, and we are here to help you find balance, fulfillment, and joy in every stage of motherhood.


Whether you are raising children, expecting a new addition to your family, or entering the empty-nest phase of parenting, these programs address the unique needs, challenges, and aspirations of women in different stages of motherhood. We will empower, inspire, and support you as you navigate the beautiful and challenging journey of motherhood.

Expert Guidance

Mentoring is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and empowerment. Whether you seek parenting advice, career guidance, or simply a compassionate listener, our mentoring program connects you with experienced mothers dedicated to helping you thrive on your unique journey through motherhood. This sense of community extends beyond your mentoring relationship, offering opportunities for networking, friendship, and shared learning.


Find experienced professionals, including pediatricians, psychologists, parenting coaches, career counselors, nutritionists, and more, all dedicated to supporting you in various aspects of motherhood. This is a time of transformation, and our experts are here to ensure you have the information and support you need.


The community is at the heart of a fulfilling motherhood experience. It is where you can find camaraderie, solace, and inspiration. Our community offers the connections and support you need to embrace every moment of your motherhood journey with confidence and joy.

Me-Time mission

woman looking at a tablet with different charts and lists around her

Prioritize your well-being and carve out dedicated time for yourself.

The mission is all about recognizing that the self is not selfish but essential for maintaining physical and mental health and nurturing your relationships with your loved ones.

This is your invitation to embark on self-discovery, rejuvenation, and balance.


Daily and weekly habit-building challenges tailored to moms' unique lifestyles. From self-care routines to family activities, prioritize what matters most. Join fellow moms who understand the daily juggling. Share experiences and cheer each other on as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of mom life.

Expert Guidance

Valuable guidance, support, and expertise are available for you. The mentor's role is to help you set and achieve your habit-building goals, stay motivated, and navigate challenges. They offer motivation, encouragement, problem-solving, emotional support, and accountability.


Discover tools, content, and services that support your habit-building journey, like fitness and exercise services, nutrition and meal planning, self-care workshops, exclusive discounts, and motivational content.


Enhance your engagement, motivation, and success in building and maintaining healthy habits through a social media group, weekly check-ins, accountability partners, resource sharing, success stories, peer support, inclusivity, and celebratory events.

Discover the experiences of our community members

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Empowering Engagements

Enriching experiences, from mastermind sessions to skill-building workshops.

Post-Birth Renaissance

Embrace life's transitions with courage and clarity after welcoming your precious bundle of joy.

Personal Brand Mastery

Unlock your unique power, amplify your influence, and make waves in your professional arena.

Career Evolution

Navigate your career with confidence, seizing opportunities for growth and fulfilment.

Confidence Rekindled

Rediscover your inner fire, stride boldly, and reclaim your place with confidence.

Self-Care Revolution

Shift your focus to self-care, replenishing your mind, body, and soul.

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