Nicoleta Griciuc

Nicoleta Griciuc

Content Marketing Specialist
SEKKO - The Content Studio
Marketing / PR / Media / Branding


  • Introductory call: 30minutes FREE
  • Session: 80EUR / one hour

I’m a passionate content writer and I inspire myself from the beautiful things around me. I like to create original and engaging content and I have experience both in copywriting and marketing so I can understand very good the complexity of those two fields and the way I should use my words to sell better.

I usually write SEO friendly blog articles, PR articles, Social Media Content, product descriptions, content for sites, long and short descriptions, titles that engage and also translations from En-Ro and Ro-En.
So, if you think you like to write and want to start a career in digital communication I can show you some tips & tricks. Being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is not easy but it comes with great satisfaction.

I’ve worked in the press and in the e-commerce field until one day when I decided to reinvent myself. So, I’ve learned a lot during my entrepreneurial journey and I can help you overpass some obstacles and to find answers to some of your questions.

Content Marketing, Digital Communication, Social Media, Copywriting

I am a content marketer. I have been working in this field for over 6 years. I have a small agency where I develop all kinds of beautiful projects for my clients and a wonderful team with which I collaborate.

I always had a direction. I wanted to work as an editor in the press, which I was.
Before having my little girl, I worked in a publishing house with children's books as an editor and translator. Later I worked in the press as a photo editor.
After I returned from maternity leave, I realized that the job in a press trust did not fit my needs at that time. The biggest need being time. I wanted to dedicate as much time as possible to my daughter. And life in a newsroom is quite hectic; it requires many extra hours and flexibility on your part in terms of the program. Balancing all this, I decided to change direction a bit. I told myself that I would try something else. Somewhat by chance, I worked for an online store as a copywriter. I learned a lot here. I did campaign descriptions and product descriptions, but I got involved in several processes, giving me a chance to grow. From here, it was one more step to follow the path of entrepreneurship. Later the company closed, and because I was still struggling with time, I said to myself: What would it be like to do something on my own? And indeed, this is how SEKKO Agency - Digital Communication was born, with very, very little courage at the beginning, without clients, with sending newsletters, without a specific database. I took baby steps, my portfolio grew slowly, slowly, and now I enjoy happy customers who are with me from the beginning. We specialize in certain services, and we offer them at certain standards and high quality, I would say. I don't want to be the kind of agency to offer anything, anytime. Anyway, I want the services we offer to be truly valuable to those who choose to work with us.

It impacted me. Point. 😆
It impacted me because it was challenging for me to find a balance, not from my perspective as a new mother, for which I was prepared, but from my perspective as the woman who now had a higher priority than the job. It was more difficult for Romanian employers to adapt to such changes, or so I saw the situation at the time, nine years ago. They were not very open to a flexible schedule, nor to leave earlier to take your child from kindergarten. And then I decided to create my own chance. If I were to encourage mothers to do this, I would encourage them without hesitation. If their profile fits something on their own and wants it, I trust this path.
Support is also important. I had that of my husband, who always encouraged me, even when I had no clients, to move on. He was always there for me, he trusted me to succeed, and he didn't seem to be wrong. He and our daughter gave me the confidence that I can and deserve to do this.

To be able to reach every celebration of my child!
To do the job, I like my own pace and that of my family. Of course, I have to like what I do. It has to offer me a decent salary and be satisfied with mental comfort. That job you do with pleasure will not necessarily be easier; there will be times when it will be stressful, and it will seem that you can no longer, but you will always find the resources to come to the surface because it is what you have chosen to do.
From my perspective, here is the balance, to combine the two so that neither of them suffers and everyone is satisfied.
As long as I have the freedom to spend time with my family and do what I love, for me, that means happiness. I want this balance, I worked to reach it, and I want to keep it if there is room for growth - great, but not at the cost of losing what I have built so far.

I gladly and enthusiastically accepted to be part of the She is MOM project as a mentor because I found myself completely in this project.
I was there. I experienced many of the emotions and situations that many mothers experience in the community, and I know it can do differently.
To be a mentor means to pass on, to help, and support others. I want to offer from my experience, from what I have built and from what I do, to those people for whom my marketing expertise could support them in their development process.

To adapt as they go, always be in a learning process, think about what they like to do, and take action to get what they want. And if he needs to make changes, have the courage to make them.