Nicoleta Griciuc

Waking up at 6 a.m, washing laundry every day, taking good care of the kids, cooking, and also taking care of her husband and herself? It is possible. But getting back on the labor market, with a good plan for action, and learning how to prioritize the tasks between being a good working employee and also, continuously taking care of your kid’s needs? That’s the real challenge!

While the time is limited, there’s no much left for getting in and out for a face to face job interviews, or at least no without having the kid besides. Online environment and Social Media is a great place to do proper research and choose which is the best job for a full-time mom. LinkedIn, Facebook account or Job forums sounds amazingly good and useful for getting an interview, but they should look professional.

We know that moms everywhere are extremely busy with the struggle between parenting and career and that’s why we gonna point out some tips about how the online recruiting process works.  

First of all, it’s important to take a look at how every Social Media platforms distinguish each other and do some cleaning up and organizing… on your personal account.

LinkedIn and the professional environment

With approximately 260 million logging in users each month, LinkedIn is a social platform targeting professional networking. It’s an easy to access professional environment where a mom can meet the employers’ requirements from the field the young mommies may have some interest in a future career. 

What is truly helpful is that LinkedIn offers everyone the instruments to easily apply for a job, to have connections with past coworkers or future employers and also to get to know the organizational culture of the business you may be interested and also get in touch with people who work there and may advise you about the way the company works. If this is easy to access for everyone, just imagine how relieving is an online introduction to a professional environment for a mommy that can do it in the two hours nap of her kid?!

Kids are great, but no one wants personal pictures on LinkedIn account or insides about your family life. Keep in mind that you have to:


Cover letter and what you should NOT say

Companies do not always ask for a cover letter and we know, we know… you are a full-time mom, but it’s important to show your employer your motivation and to highlight your skills. A cover letter should not be too long, just some key words about who you are, what do you want, what do you expect, and how can you make it count.

Our tip: Grammatical errors are not accepted. Check out to help you with it or ask a friend to help you with it.

 Facebook, the struggle between business and personal stuff

Facebook is mostly used as a personal account. It’s pretty hard to ask for a job on the same timeline where two hours ago you’ve just shown a pic about your kid’s first bath. As we said image is important, and you have to decide what to use your Facebook account for - kid’s journal or as an instrument for your professional needs.

For a couple of years, employers start to ask beside your CV, for also personal Facebook account, Instagram, or personal page of any kind. Why? They want to know more about their future employee, they want to find out how you truly are and if you will eventually fit in the company. Our advice? Leave the personal stuff for the interview, on Social Media you can be easily misjudged and your actions can be interpreted without a right to explain. Keeping it simple and professional at the same time will make things easier for everyone.

We know moms have superpowers and we also know that they should never leave behind the things they wanna do and invest in their career. Good luck!