Nicoleta Griciuc

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. You love your space but it is very difficult to separate things. If you feel that your productivity decreases dramatically sometimes when you work from home, we have some tips for you that will make you extremely efficient.

Establish a morning routine
In fact, you have to behave as if you were going to an office where several people work. Get out of bed at the same time, drink a cup of coffee or a tea, take a shower and get dressed. Not really an office outfit is needed but some jeans and a T-shirt are enough. The idea is not to stay in your pajamas all day. Even if you haven't set any meetings, this is a ritual that will help you get into the work mood and will help you make a clear distinction between time for home and time for work.


Create a space dedicated to work

Not everyone has an extra room that they can turn into an office, but you can create a place of your own that resonates with you when you work. It can be a simple desk located in any room. It is very important that your workspace is clean and neat so that you can concentrate better and feel creative. 


Follow your schedule

When you work, take into account breaks, meetings (if applicable), mealtimes and time with your kids. Thus, your program will be divided into hours dedicated only to work. It will help you organize yourself better and, besides, when you are called by a client, he will not interrupt you. You must keep in mind that you are at work and you must not let yourself be distracted by personal phone calls, friends passing by, and so on.



For a better organization, schedule the phones you have to give when you leave the house a little when you go shopping. Or post on Instagram, Facebook when you are not in a moment of maximum concentration but when you are a little lighter.


Avoid staying too long inside

...and, as soon as you are done with work, make sure you go out for a walk, meet with friends, walk the dog if you have one. In this manner, you can separate the working hours and you will not work all day. Even if you don't want to go out, it is very important to disconnect and watch a TV show or a movie, cook something for your family, have friends over and play with the kids.


Keep in touch with other people


Working alone for a huge amount of time will make you feel awkward when you will have to talk and meet other people. So, it is very important to talk with the rest of your team and, if you are a freelancer, with your clients. Set up a meeting even if it is on Zoom or Facetime and not in person.


Equip yourself so you can work from anywhere


The best thing when you work remotely is that you can work from anywhere. Even from the beach, from the top of the mountain or your couch…which is the dream for many full-time employees. Invest in things that allow you to work when you're not in the office. For sure you have a smartphone, laptop, car charger, and hotspot so you can work even from your favorite cafe when you want to change the landscape a little.


How do you organize yourself when you work from home?