Nicoleta Griciuc

Time seems to be shorter and the things we have to do seem to come over us like a rollercoaster and overwhelm us. We would like to be as organized as possible to be able to complete all tasks, both at work and at home. Luckily, for all the work that we have to do, several applications have been invented that can help us bring things back to normal. Thanks, digital world!

  1. Trello – one of the most popular apps

We begin with Trello because it is a very complex and popular app. You can easily create cards or boards for different tasks that you need to accomplish. You can move the boards and you can easily follow the progress for each task: To Do, In Progress, and Completed. It is very efficient for all kinds of teams, from small ones to bigger ones. You can add text, photos, and videos and you can have the entire team well organized but it works magnificently even if you are a freelancer and need to prioritize the tasks from your clients.

  1. Todoist

It is the best application for people passionate about lists, being extremely versatile and also, looking very good. You can create projects and sub-projects, you can add labels to them, flag them for priority to make your life easier. Filters can help you get to what interests you, you can set repetitive tasks, the ones you can do quickly and you can assign a due date. Besides, it is available via apps and browsers.

  1. Evernote + Scannable

Here are two applications that can be used both separately or together. Evernote works like a digital address book. You can tag pages, filter searches, and more. What is great about Evernote is that you can even record the interviews, the meetings, and also share files.

Scannable can help you save time when you have to scan a document, save it, print it, or send it to someone else.

  1. Feedly

Nothing seems more relaxing to you than browsing the online press, blogs, and favorite sites on the way to work, for example. But what if you could reduce the search time for various articles? Feedly, which uses RSS technology, downloads a list of unread articles from almost any blog or site you choose. Thus, you will always be up to date with the news and you will not miss a thing. Also, you can save them to be read later.

  1. 1Password – all your passwords kept in one place

How cool is that? Now with a single app, you can keep all your passwords, without being afraid you will lose them again. Halleluiah!!! Plus, the database is encrypted and everything is safe.