Andreea Radu

Product Manager & Co-Founder

Hello, I am Andreea, and I am an entrepreneur thanks to She is MOM.

6 years ago, I decided to make a professional change. After 11 years in a company, I wanted to do something else, something that I like and that could bring me the joy of going to work every day. I chose HR because I was involved in some projects, and I knew what was going on there, built my CV, and started applying to jobs. I took some classes, talked to some people, but after almost 2 years, nobody gave me the opportunity to work in this field. And I did not know where to go, whom to ask, what to do.

In an interview, I had the opportunity to meet two great women who did not give me the job but encouraged me to go on, not to give up: "Your chance is out there. Wait and see."

And soon after, my chance came, I met Alexandra. She told me: "If you want to work in HR, you are welcome to join our company, but HR is not easy, and you have to be sure you want to do this." I was sure. For a month, Alexandra asked me every week if I liked it and wanted to keep going and my answer after almost 5 years is still yes.

She is mom is the support system for all the women going through the same experience as me. I did not know where to start, who to talk to, what resources to use. I made many mistakes, but I learned that I am not alone. A friend of mine once told me, "You do not have to know everything. Important is to know who to ask".

I am challenged and afraid every day, but the She is mom community pushes me every day to be better and to have the courage to look further...and I am going to work every day with a smile on my face.

"To find out what awaits you, ask those who have been there before you." - Chinese proverb.